Hate watching other styles?

As Jerad and I were relaxing after work we found some trials vids and started watching them. As the riding is good we both noticed we dislike watching any trials videos. Even the best of them bore us in a short matter of time. Does this happen with any trials rider watching street, or street rider watching trials. Reply with your thoughts. We’re interested.

-Shaun Johanneson & Jerad Glatt

yea i pretty much only enjoy watching street and freestyle with vids. trials and muni are passe. youve seen one youve seen em all. trials is cool in real life though, but there is no place for muni. it should be outlawed. straight up. anyone doing it should be fined…1000 dollars. cash. holla.


i’ll be happy when i see a cokering video.

I only watch Trials, freestyle, and street. The others are really boring to me, but for that matter I don’t watch roadbiking, marathon running, or swimming. I think it might be that we just don’t appreciate it, because we don’t do it.

Or Muni is boring.


I dont think hate would be the right word, i enjoy watching all styles of uni, some can get boring after a while, but i always enjoy watching it,

Trials can get boring to watch but when your no where near as good as the people in the videos, then you cant help but watch and be amazed, i always watch videos many times over, trying to figure out exactly what the person is doing,

I think Muni is one of the hardest uni styles to get on video, as what may look easy on a video is bloody hard in real life, as KH sez “Wet slippery logs look exactly zero harder than wonderfuly dry grippy logs”

Street i enjoy watching as its a new sport and growing and expanding heaps, but yes it can get boring,

Freestlye i enjoy watching as well, mainly because its not talked about ery often on RSU and also it just looks so damn cool, plus its so freckin hard,

I have a lot of respect for people who put videos on the net,

Keep it up, a video that some people may find boring will be a must watch for many others,

Until someone puts out a video combining every style in one move, such as a Stand up 1 foot glide of a 5 foot muni drop onto a skinny with a crankflip i will continue to be amazed by everything that i see


I think strictly trials is boring to watch in a vid but cool in person like Jonny said.

Muni is usually horrible to watch since in a movie you can’t tell how difficult stuff is and it gets boring (unless filmed really well like in U2/defect). Actually riding muni is a lot of fun though.

I like watching street,flatland and freestyle vids because the riders are actually doing different things with the uni instead of just making their way over or through a line. I actually do like watching some trials, but not a whole movie of it. If there is some street mixed in then it is fun to watch (like Owen’s movies).

some trials vids are boring, but the ones that ryan atkins puts out are AWESOME

i can’t stop watching those
and i like shaun’s stuff too
but honestly his flippy stuff gets a bit boring because I can’t appreciate how hard a tripple flip or varial flip is, especially when i can’t even do a crankflip.

shaun, my favorite vid was the one you put out recently w/ the 180 shifty and the other more flowy stuff, that was very entertaining

i ride both so im never disapointed

i think ryan adktins can really make a trials vid intersting.

I hate most trials videos other than Ryan Atkins. Its just not my bag. Im definitely into street, watching vids to see how complex street is getting.


i’ll watch anything as long as the quality of riding is high and the editing is well done. Otherwise videos often fall back into being boring and unappealing i find.

I dig watching trials, street, and bc wheel movies the most. But, I enjoy any video if the riding and editing is of a decent quality, especially since I enjoy the fact that unicycling is so diverse. I appreciate when a video displays the hard work, dedication, and creative energy of a rider. I also like the fact that many try to develope their own personal style, or approach to unicycling.

I think the most important aspect of what makes a video good to me is: flow. Is there lyricism to the riding and filming/editing? Is the movie paced in a way that will maintain viewers’ attention spans?

Since a lot of emphasis (and my personal viewing preferences as well) has been placed on street and trials here, I think that both EQUALLY become BORING to watch in a movie, just in different ways:

  1. Trials vids become boring through repetition of obstacles.

  2. Street vids become boring through repetition of tricks.

BUT, what it really boils down to is personal preference. So, it is indeed inevitable that this thread is greatly biased, and it will continue to be.

Defect will never get boring to me, for example, because the editing/filming is so great. I love the camera work, and how well the personality/character of the riders is displayed. Those things combined, the editing breaks up the action in such an aesthetically pleasing way to me, that though the riding might age in years to come, the movie will still have it’s replay charm.

The only thing I can’t stand watching is freestyle competitions (in movies, nothing is bad watching live for very long) Sure, I like watching freestyle tricks, but in competitions it gets so repetetive some how.

Most muni is pretty boring to watch in videos. but it’s FUN TO RIDE. I pretty much am the same way as what nickvb123 said.

Yeah i dont like watching freestyle comps… but i LOVE watching street and trials… but for the trials to look good it has to be better than what i can do… but i dont mind watch street that is the same level as me cuz i see new combos and what looks good together and new tricks…

but i definitly dont hate watching trials but i like watching street more… i am actually getting bord of all the different flip tricks that look the exact same… i like xav, and dans style of street the most. cuz they have flip tricks but it isnt like every other trick… but if i was better at flip tricks i might like shaun style more…

S’all good.

I find that most Muni videos tend to be pretty boring. Especialy when filmed from a tripod. I think I watched one with Zack Baldwin that was actualy pretty good because the camera followed them and they talked and made the video interesting. The biggest reason why I dislike most Muni videos is not only because the movies aren’t very intense they also just aren’t spiced up at all. I also find that most trials videos I don’t tend to like as they seem to do the same things all the time. I like videos where they do different styles of objects. Sometimes a gap there, sometimes a drop to a skinny, sometimes this sometimes that. Aslong as they spice it up then I enjoy it. I love watching some freestyle videos, to this day one of my favourite videos is still the Koxx freestyle video. It is just so enjoyable to watch, sooo many tricks, such style, and such great production levels.

The things I dislike watching the most are usualy competitions. At most you get to see different riders, but since it is such a controlled setting and always the same backgrounds it just gets soooooo boring.

I can’t stand watching sport of any kind- and to a large extent that goes for unicycling too :astonished: I’d rather be out there doing it, than watching other people have fun.

But I can see where you’re coming from- if I do watch Unicycling vids- the ones that I’ve enjoyed the most have been the adventure/travelling/MUni type ones that tell a story, because that’s what I do most of. Into the Thunder Dragon rates as my favourite, and Unizaba was pretty cool too.

Freestyle- I don’t mind watching that (for a while)- the performances are short and designed to entertain. MUni and Road- it’s no point filming them unless you are capturing the excitement of racing- in which case you would need multiple cameras on the course, and maybe a running commentary as the race develops. There is also potential to make MUni quite interesting just by the sorts of locations you can get to. I don’t mind watching a well put together street video, but watching people trying to land tricks over and over in real life can get pretty monotonous for me. Again, all I’m saying is watching sport is not really my thing…why not just get out there and have fun for yourself?

No place for muni as a sport or just the videos? :slight_smile:

I agree 97% of muni vids are boring as hell, but I think someone doing absolutely crazy shit on a muni video is pretty entertaining…

You ride both of the at least 5 different uni sports? That’s good.

You ride both of the at least 5 different uni sports? That’s good.

. I’d like to see more Muni videos.
Someone with a yellow frame (Andrew Carter?) had good stuff.
I agree that weird settings would be nice.

. Hopefully, street will get better.
Seems like there’s Dan Heaton, and then a bunch of guys doing crankflips.

. Road is actually pretty great (but it’s best done in stillshots)
Consider Aspen Mike, Ken Loi, GB4 guni vid, Nathan & Beau Hoover, etc.

. Freestyle
Should be shown as filmed highlights of non-US riders.

I would really love to see riders go 5 miles over mixed terrain, with lots of rolling hops, static hops and tricks.
I think the most interesting vids would combine ALL of the styles:

5 miles distance (road)
static trials lines (trials)
rolling hops, and gaps (Muni / Street)
tricks and such for style (Street)
gliding, 1foot, coasting near traffic (danger’s always good) (Freestyle)
off-road through grass, etc. (Muni)
HIGH speed like UMX and road (Muni & road)

The closest I’ve see to this is the stuff Yogi & Xavier(FR), Tomsey(AUS), and Justin Koshe(US) put out.
Seems like a lot of stuff like that comes from France (like Precinct B-13 which I see as “freeriding with no uni”).

Anyway, I really believe “ALL” would be the most interesting to watch and hated by no one.