hatchet brake mounting

hey all,

has anyone built a hatchet up from a bare frame had brake issues?

on my hatchet build i am finding that the caliper is sitting too deep on the disc and is rubbing inside the caliper,i can get past this by putting washers under the caliper to give extra clearance.this to me says there is an issue with the location of the mount that is welded onto the frame.

i have spoken to unicycle.com who supplied my frame and he has said that there have been issues and washers is the way to get past problem but if you buy your hatchet complete then it will not have washers under and the caliper will not rub!

i will find a way to get extra clearance and make it look good but shocked and miffed that frame only hatchet seam to me an issue.

Are you sure that you have the correct adapter for your disk size? That would absolutely be my first thing to check. Even if you are, getting a different adapter might be an elegant solution for the problem.

Yes definitely the correct bracket is being used.it has been confirmed by unicycle.com that there has been issues with position of the welded on bracket

Are you using your own brake or the same one supplied by the unicycle shop? There are definitely variances between brake manufacturers. Are you just bolting it on expecting it to be centered, or are you following the normal disc brake attachment where you put it on loose, then clamp the brake down before final tightening. Just thought I would ask to make sure :slight_smile:

Adding washers is not unheard of when fitting disk brakes and I wouldn’t worry about doing it.

i am using shimano slx caliper and geniune shimano brake mount,its not a case of centering the caliper as that i am fully aware of,due to tolerance issue on the frame mount the caliper is sitting on top of the disc so its rubbing inside the arch of the caliper.

i have sorted it now but just asking if anyone else has had some issue?

It worked straight away for me with a new Shimano brake.

I needed to do this with my self build Hatchet.
There was enough wiggle room between the mounting bracket holes and the bolts to be 2mm off centre.