Hatchet and more

Clearing out basement. Here’s what available:

Hatchet, $125 (I got this while waiting for my Flansberrium. Patience is not my virtue. I used it once or twice. It’s from the first Hatchet batch. See pic for slight cosmetic paint defect on inside of frame near bearing folders. Other then that, perfect condition. Oh, and the Hatchet include the red seat clamp. Just not shown in pics.

Nimbus cranks, 150mm, 1 left never used, other L/R used, $15 per crank
KH Freeride Fusion, $38
KH Fusion Slim, $38
Magura HS33 RIM brakes, $30
Torker Unistar LX 24, $100 (The uni that started me on this journey)
KH Adjustable Post - 25.4 (fits Hatchet), $20

Plus shipping naturally. Or local pickup. I’m located in the Boston metro-west burbs.

The post title should have said “For Sale: USA”. Don’t know why is doesn’t. All items still available.

PM sent.

Update: Freeride saddle, post, brake sold. Hatchet likely sold, confirming with buyer.

Still available:
Nimbus cranks
KH Freeride Fusion
Torker Unistar LX 24

Correction: KH Fusion Slim still available. KH Freeride Fusion sold.

To all PMs, interested parties, etc., apologies, I am way behind in responding and calculating shipping cost. That work thing got in the way. I will follow-up with everyone over the weekend.

I want the KH fusion slim if you still have it.