Hatched an evil scheme!!


I’ve been taking my girls (8,6 and 5) to “uni-night” for a little over a year now. The two older girls are now riding well and our youngest is starting to learn thanks to one of our club members cutting down the frame of a 16" Torker to fit her. It’s very exciting, although I rarely get much work done on my skills because the kids need help.

The last few weeks my wife has been coming along and actually trying to learn (her sister-in-law made some comment about how women lose their ability to balance after having kids…that was enough for her get motivated and prove that her sis-in-law was full of baloney). The possibility of the entire family riding is looking more and more probable, so I took an extra step to raise the odds of it happening…I bought my wife a unicycle!! It arrived today and she was pretty excited. I can’t wait until she’s breaking out the long rides. This is so fun!


that’s awsome! if you can get your whole family to ride your a saint! Im bought my uni 1 year ago and my family has been trying to ride for 1 year and there still isn’t anyone who can ride but me.

Fabtastic. This is truely a plot to take over the world.


My brother and my dad can ride, and my mom was trying persistantly to learn last fall. When the weather get’s warmer she’ll probablly take it back up again.

But your family is bigger than ours…

Word of warning, Bob.

I bought my 40 year old wife a unicyle, so she could ride with the rest of the family. It made her pregnant.

Or she got pregnant to get out of learning…or something like that.

Hmmm. Time for a visit to my urologist.

I think Jethro is leaving out part of the story…

If I bought my wife a unicycle, she would just give me a dirty look.

No, not for that reason. It’s because there are already thirty-something of them out in the garage. She had one; we won it at the raffle at NAUCC a few years back. But that one got sold to a needy kid. She might actually get back into learning this year. But I don’t want to set any expectations… :slight_smile: