Haslev Angels - Untrust Us!

A short video from a weekend in Haslev :slight_smile:
enjoy! :smiley:

nice video :slight_smile: that 900 side clearly counts!

Thanks! But i don’t think so… hope i will land it soon! :smiley:

Good riding, I enjoyed that!

My advice for you on that 9side is to focus almost completely on catching the seat. Try to catch it with the same hand you throw with, so for you, your left hand. You’re crazy close to it!!

Nice. I liked the grinding!

Thanks Eli! I will try this as soon as my foot is okay again :slight_smile:

That was cool, and what is strange is I was wondering why I don’t see people land unispins with seat drops, and then it happened at the end!!

Nice video and really good riding :slight_smile: I thought that was a 7side at first then I saw that it was a 9side and I was like 'WHAAAT?!"

Nice! The 720’s were cool and that 900 sidespin atempt was really close and pretty funny too!

nice tricks and bails at the beginning :stuck_out_tongue:

and props for last spin…

wow :wink:
sick 900side seatdrop:p

thats was awesome. i liked the editting. what kinda of uni was that at 2:00 with the big unispin?

Thanks guys! :smiley:

It was a K1 Signature freestyle :slight_smile: