Has Unicycling changed you?

Since you began unicycling, have you changed?

I began in 1980 only as a curiosity. Nobody in my neighbourhood rode one. So after a couple of years my interest faded away, but the bug remained. No change.

In 1990 the bug came back. Newer better uni’s existed. But same problem nobody to ride with and no community of unicyclist existed. It went back into the closet. No change.

1996 - 2005 Light unicycle usage. Yup I could still do it. Hoo-hum. No change.

In 2006 the light came on. I bite the bullet and bought a 20" muni. Started riding every day and night. Next I got a 29" and really THINGS STARTED TO CHANGE.

How have I changed.
I now commute to and from work on my 29".
Changing my diet to eat more sensibly.
Feel more energetic during the day.
More confidence in riding abilities because of improvements in unicycle technology.
No longer ride bicycle, even less frequent do I ride my motorcycle.
Feel encouraged to help others and promote unicycling

Unicycling has changed my physical conditon for the better.

I’ve become more confident in my unicycling abilities and myself in general.

I have also become less bothered about being laughed at and am becoming more used to being noticed.

I have descovered a team game that I enjoy - unicycle hockey.

I feel it has made me more enrgetic and made my body heaps stronger.
In some ways i think it has helped me be more sociable too.

Yeah, this for me too… i used to be very self conscious and try and fit in, but now i couldnt care less about being ‘different’:smiley:

thats gota be one of the best metal gains, not giving a sh1t :smiley:

Without a doubt, unicycling–MUni in particular–has changed my life forever! Let me rephrase that. It has saved my life!:slight_smile: It is my fountain of youth, and the ultimate combination of exercise & fun, for a healthy body & mind!

It keeps me in the best shape of my life, screw the gym, give me MUni!

Yes, i cant stand indoors exercise - nothing beats the outdoors!
I also think it has made me a more easygoing/relaxed person.

Unicycling has made me more outgoing, but people allways think I did wierd thinks before unicycling too, so they doesn’t stop and :astonished: if they know me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been too - maybe we need to put more fuel into us to get the output of energy we use;)

A 20" muni, are you for real?

The proper term is a trials unicycle.

Back on topic, unicycling hasen’t really changed me.

I was pretty fit before I started unicycling, and now I feel I’m even moreso. I kind of have a mind that obsesses over things for a while and I just can’t stop thinking about when the next time I’m going to uni. Even when I’m out, I automatically say to myself “that would be a great obsticle for my uni”.
It’s changed me in how I am the center of attention when riding and how to talk to random people on the street.

Being extremely prone to stress unicycling is bringing me more peace of mind.
I was labeled as an eccentric before so this hasn’t changed!:smiley:

(for sure when the company doctor told me that he wished other employees in their 30 were as fit as I was … I indulged in a brief moment of vainglory :o )

I shower and change after every ride :smiley:

Have I changed as a person ? No.

Have I changed physically ? Yes - I have more scars and knackered knees.

Has my life been enriched ? Oh yes, most definitely. I have been places I otherwise wouldn’t and met loads of fantastic people, many of whom I am honoured to call my friends.

Long live unicycling !!!


Pashley make a 20" muni.

I started unicycling regularly in 1979 and never left. I’ve traveled around the world for unicycling and met the most amazing people. I have no idea what I would be like now if I never got into unicycling, and I wouldn’t want to trade.

20" unicycles were used for MUni for years before anyone thought of unicycle Trials. I dn’t like them for MUni but that doesn’t change the facts. Also we still get plenty of 20" wheels on MUni Weekend group rides. People like being able to do Trials stuff along the way and somehow they always seem to keep up! :slight_smile:

A trials uni is basically the same setup as a standard Muni; splined hub/cranks, strong frame and seatpost, and double walled rim and wide knobby tire. only major difference is the saddle and smaller wheel. But to a small kid, a trials is almost like a 24" muni is to an adult.

I havnt even been riding for a year yet but I feel It has changed my life alot I think unicyling has helped (and hindered a little) my life and I now depend on it. I am taking Maths Biology Physics and chemistry a-levels I am deslexic and find most thinks people take for granted near imposible, despite being 17 I still struggle with full stops my mental arithmatic is almost non existant and I still mix my left and right. With all the work I get I end up getting overwhelmed and stressed pretty easy so (normaly when I have the most work) I go out for a ride, I can get away from it all and enjoy myself without thinking about what work I have. To me its like a drug, I am totaly adicted, it helps me get away from the stresses of life and it leaves me at a big high afterwards. The only downside is that it leaves less time for work, but I think I would have given up on all my work long ago without it.

I don’t think it has necessarily changed me basicly but after being in my life for 6 years it has had some impact - at least it has made me more confidend about parts of my personality. What I think is great about unicycling (at least in Denmark) is that people meet people in a relaxed way where neither gender, age nor origin plays a role, but only the ability to unicycle. This plays a great role when I meet people because I know they can be very different from me but yet great friends!

Also unicycling plays a role because I can reflect about learning styles and personality types that I would not be able to without. It’s funny how you can see that some people going into one area of unicycling have one personality and other types of unicycling attracs other personalities.