Has this pic already been posted?


i dont know but there is something strangly arousing about that picture

If that was fixed to direct drive and the seat was tilted way far back then it would be cool.

If it wasn’t photoshop then it would be cool.

Seriously almost everything about it looks faked, the suspension even pokes into the tire, and part of the fox logo is covered up,

Hey this is my 900th post!

I want to make one

that would be kinda cool, but the handle bars could through your balance off.

i already made something like that. search in the gallery for SMD and watch the ensuing video and/or look at ensuing pictures.

shall do

what do you reckon my chances of actually making one of these are?

about 80%. been able to ride it without breaking it 0.00001%. been able to make it look good 0%

how come it only has one crank?

it was photoshopped dodgily.

i reckon if i get a crap pair of suspension forks of a mountia nbike, weld some bearing holders onto it in the right place, i’ll have a uni with suspension.

but i could do the thing off the back but i dont have that spring and stuff

check it

it only has one side of the fork, and i can’t see the crank of the right pedal. that huni was freaking awesome, i’m gonna try to make one.

…what the hell?

that doesn’t look ridable

I reckon you would need to put the handlebars further forward, it looks like if u tried to ride that you would be leaning over the front hecticly. and that would mean the handlebars would be really far forward and low…

could be done, i wanna make one, but gotta think bout where the center of balance is an everything.

how hard would it be able to ride this? wouldn’t you need to lean forward alot or you would fall back

A one sided fork would be lighter, but maybee not strong enough. The right pedal is mounted on the top spoke of this half fork, like on an ultimate wheel.

I saw a pick of this b*ke? uni? almost a year ago and is one of the things that got me curious about unicycling. I saw it and thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if someone could ride that over rocky terrain?” Little did I know…:stuck_out_tongue:

thats pretty cool