Has Kris Holm ever visited unicyclist.com?

Has Kris Holm ever visited unicyclist.com? Any credible of accounts of this happening?

yes hes danger_uni… not to regular… but he comes here


One of the great things about unicycling is that the community is quite small still and that means that you will be able to communicate directly with the best in the sport, including Kris Holm. He is registered on Unicyclist.com as danger_uni and does visit and post on the site every few months.

That’s not too regular anymore. I have statistics dating back to 2001. Kris posted under his own name then, changed to danger_uni around 2003. Here’s a summary:

Kris Holm 2001 4th position
Kris Holm 2002 48th position
Kris Holm 2003 72nd position
danger_uni 2004 82dn position
danger_uni 2005 240th position

In case you’re really interested - all posts by danger_uni (Kris Holm).