has anyone unicycled underwater?

hello there,

me and my mom are going to get our divers license sometime this year, we have already dived once earlier this year in a pool, and on the way back home i couldn’t help but think what i could do underwater! then it hit me.

has anyone ridden a unicycle on the bottom of a lake? the tire pressure would be the only object to worry about< and i think it would be verry intresting to try.

I’ve seen people riding bicycles under water so it should be possible.


yeah i think someone has, in the guiness book of records someone rode s weighted mountain bike under water, so it must be possible

actually i think in charlie danceys “how to ride you unicycle” it says about stuff people have done on a unicycle, including riding under water.

what i want to know is when someone will ride one the moon?!?:smiley: (that gives me an idea!)

Been done.

Ask Forrest.

ok so now the question is how long till i do it!

Ive ridden in a hotel swimming pool…

No, the question NOW is why would you want to ruin a perfectly good uni?

how would it would be ruined? it would drain out would it not?

with scuba gear?

I rode in my pool a few times with my cx. It pretty much destroys the bearings though. It’s surprisingly doable, but there is about 200 times more resistance in water than air. I have yet to try scuba-unicycling. I got certified a couple years ago so I think I’ll try it this summer.:smiley:

if you’re not riding in fresh water (pool water is not fresh water) then you should really clean out and re-grease the bearings in your pedals and hub, else deposits of salt or chlorine will colect in there, causing corrosion and genreally gunking things up.

wouldnt that be easier in an airoplane, getting 30000ft sif hop lol, then sitting down to get waited on by air hostess, much less risk of damaging your uni or shark attack lol:D

I jumped off my friends diving board and rode around his pool. it’s hard but fun. Trying to pull of a 720 unispin into the water was fun.

I heard about some boys that learned to unicycle inside a swiming pool… They said that was pretty easy to ride underwater…

Anyway i will not put my unicycle underwater… I like the air, rocks, stairs and all these stuff :smiley:

i have been in a pool and was going to take it scuba diving with me the next day but then I found that the video guy wasnt going so I wasnt going to get the uni in the salt water. It is a pain to keep it nice after that. It just takes a bit more weight to hold you on the bottom otherwise you just spin a bunch. That is how I practiced uni spins at first.

One atmosphere, 14.7 psi, is about 33’ of water depth. Typical tire pressure on a fatter bicycle tire is about 45 psi. So you’d need to get down to 100’ or so before the pressure collapsed the tire.

Once you get under water at all, the weight on the unicycle is greatly reduced, so you could operate it at very low pressures relative to the water.

Seeing as how it has been done, and doesn’t promise to be any great feat, I’d skip it, myself.

Thought for the day: You could get a bigger tire on a unicycle, and unicyle upside down, hanging from the surface.

A member of my club, Kevin Seaman has unicycled while scuba diving more than once. He says you don’t really go anywhere. He has also riden in all 50 states, unicycled off an airplane and lots more!!! He is in the guinness book back in the 70s I believe

My dad teaches scuba diving so I have I’m able to go diving with him frequently.

One of these days I’ll probally just bring along a crappy trainer and I’ll have to try a 1440 unispin underwater :stuck_out_tongue: