Has anyone tried this yet?

When my friend’s left crank fell off after some heavy trail riding (on NOT splined hubs), I thought about the Kangaroo (cranks facing the same direction; motion similar to one-footing, but with both feet), and I decided to try the cranks at a 90 degree angle, causing a sort of gallop motion (and yes, I DID willingly risk stripping the hub in the process, but no harm done in the end). After a few minutes, I could do a few rotations without dismounting.

Of course, this would never be practical, but it could be a fun workout if you could get the motion down well enough.

Intriguing… um, that’s all I have to say.

Not! That sounds…strange and…unique. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Got any photos?

I don’t have any photos yet, but I’ll try to get some up if you want.

Nice choice of words, by the way…“unique”

I have thought about trying it many times, but never acually did. You should try putting both cranks facing the same direction.:slight_smile: (both at 12:00)

Yeah I’ve tried that one before. I think I mentioned the kangaroo in my first post in this thread. Yeah…seems pretty tough. Actually, I wonder if this 90 degree gallop could be a stepping stone to learning how to ride that way. It definitely gives you a taste of that motion, but with a little bit of a boost from the other foot. Though, it’s a bit weird getting used to having your feet in a pattern that isn’t symmetrical any way you look at it.

i have done it. i ended up putting it on every spline and rotating 1 at a time on my DX
the only one i couldn’t ride was kangaroo, but i could do that 1 footed…weird?much?

i did the same think as skrobo when i got my first splined uni. I found it quite interesting. I could one foot the kangaroo and could ride it with only one crank. But i had trouble figuring out any of the other configurations, i could only manage a few revalutions at the most.


I’ve done that before, ages ago. It’s fun as. The kangaroo style was too easy so I started experimenting. It’s cool that way.
But I did it the same way as you, I had to remove a crank so I just tried it.

I tried that on my standard one. It’s hard, though

thats pretty cool, might try different positions on my splined cranks :slight_smile:

but maybe you could start ur threads with a better title?

I got it! Just a few more minutes of practice with it today and I can ride and free mount with this set-up…it’s quite a workout, especially in 90 degree weather.