Has anyone tried this saddle?


I managed to break my saddle and am in the market for a new one. Wondering if anyone has tried this one.



Yeah, I did. It’s kind of soft, but it’s convenient. Didn’t ride on it longer than 2 minutes, though.
It’s at least better for trials than the Fusion Saddle in my opinion.


Thats what i ride on right now.

It´s better than my modified Velo seat (foam cut in half)
And it´s better than the regular KH fusion seat.

BEacuse it´s thinner, it´s better for Seat out hopping and general handling.
It´s just as comfy as the other KH seats, who bottoms out the other seats?
I think the regular KH seats has sooo much excessive foam in them that´s not needed.

I can´t really feel the gel in it. It´s there but at lest I don´t notice it.

It´s a good saddle for trials, freestyle, and probably just as good for muni and road as the other KH seats.

It’s pictured with the older style KH handle though. Is UDC just out of date?

I’ve used it and I think it’s the best production seat on the market at the moment. The KH saddles have WAY too much foam in them. This is more comfortable and less bulky than the KH.

AJ has one on his coker.

great seat. a little stiff during winter, but no different that the rest of my body.

Like GizmoDuck said, but I’ve been using the ‘UDC gel’ seat and like it. I’ve never used the KH gel, but I think it’s the same a the UDC gel.

I realllllly like my new KH fusion seat (it’s similar in profile to the gel, just with slim foam that’s really comfortable)

the foam is softer than in a normal fusion, and it’s a thinner profile for seat out

my favorite thing about it is that it is naturally tilted back w/o a rails bracket, which is great on a trials uni

it also feels much stiffer than the normal fusion

:smiley: i like it a lot

p.s. don’t know if UDC has it, i got mine from Darren on my new KH trials that i got last week

The gel saddle is now my favourite, over and above my airseat, miyata saddle and various KH saddles.


-rigid feel, feels very responsive
-fewer chafing issues
-ridged handle for better grip
-way thinner, much better for trials and freestyle


-my seat nuts tend to come loose

FIX: I removed each nut in turn and then fitted a normal washer followed by a lock washer before putting the nut back. The lock washer seems to prevent the nuts from coming loose.

Some more info

This saddle does not feel very “cushy”. Note that In the bicycling world cushy soft saddles appeal to beginners but all serious riders will tell you that a harder saddle is actually more comfortable, especially on longer ride. The analogy used is that its more comfortable to sit in a hard chair for a long time than it is to sit in a cushy armchair.

The gel seat is based on the KH design, fitted with the newer ridged front handles. The base looks identical to the standard KH base. The seat uses a relatively thin layer of gel for cushioning instead of a large thick piece of foam. The shape as viewed from above is virtually identical so the only major difference in appearance is the thickness of the saddle has been reduced. The unicycle.com coloured text logo is embroidered on the back of some of the earlier production lines of this saddle. The latest ones have no logo on the back.

My initial test ride of the saddle was on a coker riding for about an hour. The thinner material makes the thickness of the saddle similar to that of a miyata saddle. It feels very similar to a new miyata saddle. My coker felt more responsive with this saddle fitted than with my previous KH saddle. I think this is due to the extra rigidity and the relatively firm nature of the saddle.

The thinner saddle also means less chance of inner thigh chaffing. Unfortunately thin also means the chances of developing a numb butt and genitalia increase. The usual numbness after an hour’s ride was still present despite the gel cushioning.

I have now done 6 hour + rides on it and it is the best saddle I have used. I think it is suitable for just about any style of riding but the seat base may not stand up to some trials riders abuse.


I’ve lost a couple o’ bolts off mine too, loctite is probably the answer.

But yeah it’s a good seat, especially for those of us who can’t be bothered doing airseat conversions. I always knock the valve clean off on airseats anyway.

What do you men older style KH handle? the new handle has ribs which those probably have, but you wouldn’t be able to see from that photo, what else has changed?


My seat has the new KH handle on it.
So does all the other Gel seats.

doesnt look like it here, you can even see the rib things in the pic.

good seat by the way… i recommend them to anyone. stiffer, smaller, comfier, better. plus if you do manage to land wrong it will still bend and not bend you.

I see that this is a good saddle for trials and seat out hopping. But. is it good for riding distance, or not?

Aside from the obvious thickness difference compared to the KH fusion, the gel saddle feels a bit wider in the narrowest part. I’m not sure which I prefer for long distance. I still haven’t found a setup that works for more than 6-7 miles.

The new KH fusion shape is much more similar in shape to the gel now, thinner foam and feels stiffer. Works alright for distance, although I’ve only done about a hundred miles on it (it’s on my muni), I’ve done one 30+ mile hard muni ride and it was good.


I’m liking my modified trimmed down KH Fusion with the channel cut (scroll down to the bottom). Works well for Coker riding. I have only done a couple of 20-30 mile Coker rides with it, but it has been much more comfortable than my previous air saddle for long rides. For short rides less than 10 miles the air seat was more comfy, but over 10 miles the modified foam seat is better, much better.

Keep in mind that what is comfortable for muni may not be comfortable for Coker riding. You sit on a muni seat and Coker seat differently, so what works well for one may not work well for the other. I still use my air seat for muni and have no complaints (other than when the tube goes flat during a ride).

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