has anyone tried these pedals?

There magnesiam with a titanium spindle, sealed, and look awesome. does anyone know how strong they would be?

dk magnesium pedlas.jpg

They have 8 pins per side so they look really grippy also.
and the titanium ones weigh 14.6 oz. together.


dk magnesium pedlas.jpg

if I were too get them (which isn’t too likely atleast until I get more $ and kill my snafus, I would put a grind plate on so grind damage is’nt a problem. I was wondering if they could handle up to a 5 foot drop. I weight like 80lbs.


never bent pedals and Ive done higher then 5 ft drops and Im riding zllers pedals…

oh yea, the only problem is that there about $115. I found them on danscomp.


anyone tried these? does any1 think they would work well cause ive heard that magnesium breaks easily, but if I put pedal protectors and grinds plates on they would protect them enough…

no, mag pedals shatter i belive

Don’t get them, it’s not worth it. I’ve heard sealed pedals don’t last as long with unicycles, ask John Childs or somebody. Or search it. magnesium isn’t so bad though, I rode trials/street with Haro big block mag. pedals for a year and a half and they’re still not bent.

ok thanks. are titanium spindles stronger than normal ones?

people who buy these fancy pedals end up buying bmw motorcycles when they grow up … lol


lol :stuck_out_tongue:

if I put rubber pedal protectors on them wouldn’t that stop them from shattering though?

AT 80lbs, I don’t think you would break any pedals.

I would buy the 24 Butterfly Pedals they cost 80$ and there worth the money!!

P.S.:I think Yoggi and Xavier ride them.


Like I said, I used $25 Haro magnesium pedals for a long time, dropped them on pavement tons of times, they held up beautifully. The only thing that happened to them was I bent the spindle eventually, and I weigh 135 pounds.

Do a search on sealed and unsealed pedals, for some reason sealed breaks easy for trials and stuff, but I can’t explain it.

No, but they are half the weight. Weighing 80 lbs, I highly doubt you could bend them.

correction… sealed bearing pedals aren’t as shock-resistant as unsealed bearing pedals… but it’s not “easy” to break sealed pedals in most cases. i have sealed JC’s on my muni, which I occasionally use for trials riding, and the bearings have performed quite well so far…

ok. If I ever get them it’ll probably be in a loooooong time. They make aluminum versions of the same pedal but their only $10 less. I haven’t found unsealed ones either. Thanks 4 the help.


While on the subject of pedals, has anyone ever expirienced problem with the off-set on most platforms? The actual surface you stand on is in front of the spindle. I rode a friend’s snafus and they felt weird, but I’m used to wellgo B-36 pedals.

When have magnesium pedals shattered? Who has shattered them? What type of pedals were they?