has anyone seen the norco M-uni

while i was in my local bike shop I saw a norco unicycle that said M-uni on the side even though it was a 20’’ it has a KH saddle and alex rims, the DX-32 has anyone tried this unicycle out? because i am debating wether to buy it

was it splined?

I assume you mean this. It looks like a standard Kris Holm 20, but with the KH/Onza splined hub replaced with a standard cotterless hub. Rather like the original Onza 20. Other than that it seems to have a KH frame, Alex DX32 rim and KH saddle. Its ok for £150, but for the price you could get a splined Qu-ax, or a 2004 Onza 20".

Not bad for the money but those cranks are gonna bend. I have this uni and it was good for about six months 'til I had to upgrade to a splined assembly.

Looking at the thin cranks on the picture, I doubt it has a splinned hub… but we all know that pics on the web never match the real product.:frowning:

I like their little description of Kris Holm and all of his disciples. Also, clever approach to calling it “M-Uni” without stepping on the toes of Pashley, who came out with their Muni in 1997 or so. My guess is that the uni is not splined, or the description would tout the fact (not that it says much about the componenets at all)…

for the people who asked if it was splined the answer is no and since that is the case do you know of any cranks that would work well with it?

If you’re gonna do decent hops and drops etc. I would either buy something else or upgrade to splines. I’ve done the upgrade and it cost me $250cdn. This was because i already bought the uni in and it was the only thing to do.(should have bought one with ‘Profiles’ in the first place.
Good luck.


Ive had that uni and I bendedthe cranks and axles of a 2 foot drop!!! piece of crap not worth the price for 300$ you can get something way better then that

yes i have seen the norco m-uni cuz i own it. it rides well and acctually is quite well built. i mean im 170lbs and i do 2-3 foot drops with it. all in all i d say a good buy but theere are definatly better ones out there.


-p.s.ill post a pic tommorow

My brother has it and it is not the one Loose linked too. I may post a pic later. It has a KH seat, 22.2 mm post in a Yuni style frame, Luna Tire, and DX32 rim. The pedals were cheap plastic ones. It is unsplined and I’m not sure what make they were, but they’ve held up reasonably well. I’ve done three foot drops with no problems, though I haven’t gone any higher cause it isn’t mine and I don’t want to break it. I think it is a great uni for the price. Just over 200 was what we got it for. Its similar to a bedford light duty or nimbus trials.

Great buy for the price.


I wont be getting that uni because i got a job and can get one of better Quality i was thinking of the onza 20"
heres the link http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=587 has anyone tried this unicycle? and is it worth the money?

The onza is good, but for just a little more you can have a KH, with that, sweet, sweet, aluminum frame.

Pluss if they are anything like the freerides, the trials frames will be 200, that onza frame looks like its probably worth the same as a yuni. So all in all, your getting a much better deal, pluss, I like the KH rims more.

I talked to UDC, they said 05’ Trials and XC KH frames ‘should’ be hear in the last quarter of this month.

I have one. They are great. The only difference between it and the 05’ KH is the frame and maybe the pedals.

Good idea to not buy that uni. it is one of the worst out there, just becasue you can’t upgrade it. becasue it has 40MM bearing housings which means pretty much any good splinded hub can’t fit in (42MM in standard on most). They might have changed this in the later norco version. But i for one would like them to stop calling it a muni or even a M-uni. they are miss leading people, also bike stores don’t know what they are talking about when they are selling them. They always seem to tell people that they are pretty much indistructable, yet everyone breaks them. i am a little happier with the new model becasue they are selling it for 219 canadian. but yeah, it will break on repeated 2 footers.