Has anyone ordered a nimbus 24

Has anyone ordered a nimbus 24 muni from a website other than unicycle.com? I want to get one but they are out of stock till april. I wanted to know if there are any other reputable dealers of nimbus out there that sell unicycles that are nimbuses and not knock offs

Pretty sure no one has ever ordered a nimbus 24. I could be wrong.

The nimbus 24" muni is very popular why else would it be sold out on unicycle.com

You could order one from Municycle.ca; they have three of them in stock.

Is allunicycles.com good?


I ordered my nimbus trials from hayneedle.com. They have the orange 24 muni for 289.00 with free shipping.

Orange 24 Muni

Got it way faster than I get anything from UDC.

No complaints what-so-ever :slight_smile:

I don’t know if they have their own warehouse. They might just be an outlet for Unicycle.com, which means if UDC is out, they’re out too. The web site didn’t seem to indicate whether the Nimbus was in stock or not. What I did notice was that, if you ordered one today, their 1-day shipping est. delivery date was 2-21-12 (15 days from now). :slight_smile: So I’d call to see if it’s actually in stock.