Has anyone landed a no footed seat wrap?

The trick in question is doing a no footer and while in the air wrapping your leg around the uni and landing back on the pedals.

I cannot for the life of me land this, i havent seen anyone else ever do it.
i have been trying to do this down a four stair and have only even come close to landing it twice.

so has anyone else done this one and landed it?

if you have, do you have any tips for me?

I’m sorry I have no tips to give you but I would like to post anyways. This sounds like an awesome trick. If you ever land one you better have it on video. So you think it would be easier doing this trick (or skill?) down a small set of stairs instead of on flat ground?

I’ve thought about doing this trick, but I haven’t tried it yet because it sounds kind of tricky. I think it’s more of a No Footed Leg Wrap, because you’re only doing one leg. I think a No Footed Seat Wrap would involve bringing the whole uni all the way around your body, then landing back on.

In Shaun’s movie ILL, I managed to land a No-Handed Leg Wrap, but it’s kind of poorly filmed, really dark.

I think it would be easier to just do a seatwrap in midair, and not worrying about getting both feet off…

And it might be easier not going down a 4 stair too… maybe

I have thought of it, I know people do them on pogo sticks but it would be much harder on a uni. It would be really cool to see done.

i tried it for a while on flat ground and can land it static every once in a while but i have found that on flat ground doing it moving is wayyy harder. also it doesnt look as cool as doing it down a stairset or gap.

once i get this trick dialed(i am confident that i will get it soon) then i am going to put together a video with this and some other tricks that i think might be original as i have never seen them done anywhere else…flips and spins get boring, it is time to bring street a new variety of tricks.

edit: let me clarify since i feel like i havent explained the trick very well. When i do it static it is just like jumping up doing a no footer but i wrap by leg around the seat and land back on the pedals. It is the same thing moving, but contrary to what seems to be common sense it is easier doing it down a stair set or gap due to the extra time in the air.

i have been having trouble getting my leg around fast enough, but practicing it static i think will improve my speed at it.

also, perhaps i called it the wrong thing when i said seatwrap. is leg wrap more appropriate?

how about a legover-flip? I think maybe you’d need to get good at crankflips where you only hold the back of the seat first.

whats a legover-flip?


When i say legover I mean your backfoot comes across, forward and around the front of uni… and back onto the pedal.

dang. that sounds gnarly. im going to go have to try that…maybe i should get better at sif crank flips first though…haha

another thing i want to try it a heel clicker type thing. basically just go no foot and click your heels in front of the uni haha…


A new wave of street riding is coming… :smiley:

:smiley: haha

i would sure like to think so. only so much can be done with spins and flips.
time to get creative people.
lets push the envelope.

viva la revolution! :roll_eyes: ha…

The name for it would be Leg around or Leg around reverse (at least that what it is when done static).

In the air, it would probably be called the same thing only it would be said like “Dude, i just leg arounded that 3 set.”

A wrap is the trick that Dan heaton did (I think he may have invented, not sure though), where the seat wraps around the body in a circle (in defect he does a wrap, and then a wrap with two leg arounds in the shot after it).

I have tried this trick a few times, always unsuccessful though, would be cool to see some one get one though. I was trying them like a 180 unispin where you would swing your leg around the seat.

how about you just jump off the uni and spin it around your feet and unispin it at the same time
that would look awesome!!

that would be rediculous.
i just may have to experiment with that one…

I’ve thought before that it would be easier doing a unispin at the same time too, of course, I haven’t actually tried this stuff I think would be easier, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

Also a super man. Big tire grab no footer, then swing your legs back a little more…

There’s going to be a lot of cunfusion if people start only saying “wrap.” There are many different kinds of wraps, so let’s try to refrain from saying “wrap” by itself.

Leg Around - Usually done as a mount, standing on the pedal and bringing the other foot around the seat.

Leg Wrap - Standing on the crank with one foot, bring the other foot around the seat.

Seat Wrap - Bring the seat all the way around your body, essentially a Leg Wrap with one foot, then pass the seat behind your back, then perform another Leg wrap in the opposite direction as your other foot.

Super Wrap - Basically a seat wrap but with wrapping each foot around the seat one more time. In other words, a Leg Wrap straight into a Seat Wrap straight into another Leg wrap with the other foot.

haha…i can do no footers, and tire grabs. i have never thought to combine them though…dang.
i need to go ride.
so many new ideas are flooding my head now.

Hey the Seat Wrap and Super Wrap look good, but the Leg Wrap is just a “Leg around.” At least that is how I’ve always seen it.

Oh yeah, I can do them but I suck… have you seen Shaun’s movie ILL? Keaton does a “no footed tire grab” off a picnic table.