Has anyone in here grinded a 15 set hand rail before?

Has anyone in here grinded a 15 set hand rail before?

I’m sure a couple of guys have. Someone I know wants to do a 22 stair.

I’d like to do a 37 stair.

H. Or a 73 stair rail down a spiral stair set.

you guys haven’t? wow your lame :smiley:

that would own! hi muzzle

Cough Mike Clark.


I hate how early Mike came off that rail in defect.

I hate how he didnt do a trey flip off the end of that rail in defect.

Yeah. It’s still legit though, I mean he ground a 16 stair rail. It doesn’t matter how manys stairs he covers while on the rail, he still hit the rail.

Round rails are where all the big money’s at though (Mike’s 16 wasn’t a round rail)

Well 1 of my friends once BCed a 10 set handrail. It was so awesome to see. I wonder if it would work with my UW 28"?? Hmmm… :smiley:

I haven’t grinded a 15 set handrail, but i’ve grinded a girl, does that count?

a friend of yours?

I havnt even tried grinding sets, are they hard at all, i have just never tried.
Idk wht would happen once i got on, and with the racking idk. :astonished:

i doubt it…well she’s prolly not a friend anymore… or … well, it could be a dude, but lets not go there.

Biggest is an 8 lol. Not too many bigger sets here. Want to do an 18 I know of muahaha.


I thought Rhys did a 9 set on a bc? was it a 10?

who’s that?