Has Anyone Here Broken Their Scaphoid?

Wearing ALL your saftey gear ALL the time is an easy philosophy in the winter. But, in the summer when it’s hot, the temptation to ditch the safety gear sometimes gets the best of me and I leave my POC elbow and knee pads at home wearing only a lid, my 661 EVO shin pads, and some sort of wrist protection despite my continued struggles operating the brake lever on my Shadow handlebar with anything but KH Pulse gloves. I’ve tried Hillbilly fingerless and DocMeter’s FlexMeter (see below) which are the best wrist protection were braking not required. If I were riding on a tender wrist, they would be my choice. Good luck and get well soon!


Yeah, I decided to skip out on chemotherapy 'cause it’s a total snooze-fest. My tumors are the size of bowling balls, but I’ve got more time to make snarky posts on the Internet!

Thank you for the response. I was beginning to think I might shed some of my safety gear. Your ordeal has convinced me otherwise Once again best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Strange. You may regret it later, but then again, you are in the Midwest, where most of those conventions are. The next one is likely to be in MI or MN.

I’ve never had one, I’ve just known about them since their early days on the market. My old roommate, a unicyclist (who hosted Unicon II) used to work for the company that invented it. Then it was called NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). That acronym didn’t stick, for obvious reasons. :slight_smile:

Actually he did, in his first post. Just because you didn’t find it helpful doesn’t mean it wasn’t.

Good advice. I also own wristguards, which I almost never use. But it’s not a safety thing; it’s because I do too much picture-taking and not enough crashing. If I were to get more aggressive on rocky descents (instead of chicken, for example) I would wear them more. I wear them for things like Criterium races on fast unicycles. Otherwise it’s gloves (always), which are only really useful to protect the skin. I definitely recommend the wristguards while you’re healing.

Well, Geoff pretty much summed-up what I was going to write. The crappy excuse that if you don’t wait long enough, they may not be able to see the fracture is pretty dumb. What a good doctor would do figure out the best test or combination of tests to the best rule out a fracture and if they can’t, they’d treat it as if it were because as Geoff said, a scaphoid fracture may heal like any other or the blood supply near the point that is most commonly fractured could be disrupted and you could suffer osteonecrosis.
Get it checked out by someone other than “Dr. Google” if it’s not a big deal, no harm done, if it is, you could save yourself some pain and suffering and potential long term disability.

If you’re sore in your snuff box and there is a suspicion of a scaphoid fracture, then yes, you probably will get put in a scaphoid plaster and re-Xrayed again in a 10 days or so. Not all of them show up on an Xray initially, but a lot do, so I don’t see the point in waiting a week :slight_smile:

Well, the doc told me that the x-rays were inconclusive, to keep wearing my brace and to come back in a week if I still have pain. Figures.

Anyway, at least I went in. I suppose it was good to have it looked at sooner rather than later.

Ok Milosboy, you got at least four unicycle riding medical doctors at least one nurse to weigh in on your injury. . . .looks like the free medical advice thread has been born on here.
Klinefelters syndrome was just me being a smart ass and NOT one of my mutations, though it could fit with some of my personality problems. . . . .

Go get healthy.

If there’s one of us who has mutations, it’s you Bryce. :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t know about four medical doctors, but we’ve got a Nurse, a Naturopath, a Chiropractor and an Allopath. Now that’s complementary medicine. What’s even more remarkable is that we all seem to agree. Freaky.

Milosboy, I’m glad you got checked out. You will have no regrets. I hope you heal quickly.