Has Anyone heard of Inner Balance?

Has anyone heard of this company before? Are their videos any good?

From tehtrailers it looked to be pretty basic riding.


Its not a campany…Its a movie…And its one of the greatest of all time.

You haven’t seen it, please wait until the movie is viewed to pass judgement

Tricks are tricks. This movie focuses on a much larger scale in terms of the thrill of riding, other than simply ‘neat tricks’

Edit: But there are some dang neat tricks :slight_smile:

There is no better!

You must really be able to do some amazing riding! :astonished:

Take a look at their other work.


Trailers Not Movie

Usually trailers include the great stuff in order to entice you to want to see the movie. When I saw the trailer for Inner Ballance with riders jumping up onto 4" rocks my curiosity was not aroused to see the whole movie.

I did not critisize the movies. I have no right to do so since I did not see them. However the trailers are not very enticing. Maybe they don’t represent the movies. Therefore I posted the thread asking other people if they have heard of these movies before.

I appreciate the help.


The very thing that attracted me to this video is that is isn’t just another film with gap, after gap, after gap. Trials require awesome skill but seeing the same move on film repeatedly is not particularly interesting. Brian’s vid’s take unicycling to a totally different level.

Unicorn: I wasn’t telling you not to critisize the movie, I was telling trials uni not to defend me before even seeing it.

While trailers are designed to let the viewer know what it is in the movie, they certainly shouldn’t give away all the best stuff.

My movie style is much different from the other great movie makers who are also well known and make great movies.

This movie introduces brand new riding styles into the unicycel movie genre.

This is not a ‘trials movie’

Sorry, I didn’t mean ‘to defend me’ I meant calling it ‘one of the greatest of all time’ before seeing it. Biased opinions, well great in intent, are not the best way to go about it. But thanks anyways Trial Uni, your heart was in the right place

well the trailer look awesome to me. super smooth shots, awesome speed unicycling footage, night muni, ect.

I can’t wait to see all of it!

My mistake…Its not a a company its a movie produced by one of the greatest unicycle film makers of all time.

Call me silly, but in that trailer, the 4" up is as a rolling hop on a coker, there’s a guy wheelwalking seat out back, a 2 foot drop on a giraffe, a giraffe riding north shore, someone doing pull glide to a pirouette, but as a stand up trick, and gliding down stairs. Oh and someone doing some of that boring street stuff, where they do do a 4" up into a grind, but do one of those spinny the cranks tricks while they do it, which is jolly clever if you like street riding I guess, and must be pretty darned hard.

If that’s not impressive, that’s pretty weird. I guess if all you’re interested in is the normal trials / people throwing themselves off drops that gets in all the videos, all you can see in that video is someone doing a 10-12 set, and someone who looks like they’re about to do a 12 foot drop,

There’s hardly any boring hopping in that trailer either, I mean I’ve got Universe II, and it’s okay, but I wouldn’t bother watching it again, it’s mostly all hop hop hop drop drop drop, once you’ve seen one person hop up onto something, and jump onto something else, you’ve pretty much covered that genre.


I think it needs a longer section on crankflips. With all the advances being made in that area, devoting more screen time to covering that would–to me–be a sign of a “serious” contemporary film maker.

Shaun has an entire scene to himself in the movie, crank flips are coverd :slight_smile:

now you’re talkin! :slight_smile:

I saw TWNR and I didn’t think much of it. I guess I am more interested in the tricks side of things though. I won’t be buying the new one unless someone shows me something in it that really interests me.


mscalisi and I were talking about this forum phenomenon last night.

Post: “Here’s this cool new thing” (Inner Balance, Bedford’s powercoating, anything by Koxx)

Reply: <whine>That doesn’t look cool to me</whine>.

Well, who cares? Not every product has to interest every person. Don’t you have something better to do with your time than run down products you wouldn’t buy? I wouldn’t buy a Hummer but you don’t see me over on hummer.com talking about how lame they are.

At last, an opportunity to say " +1 ".

Brian, I’ll take that copy Swarbim doesn’t want. Love your work.

Me too, me too.

I want it now. Trials, trials, trials Whta happened to freestyle and fun. Don’t get me wrong but I loved TWNR and this will be better…


Previously I actually saw the first part of the TWNR Trailer and not the trailer for Inner Ballance. A friend has since sent me the Inner Ballance trailer and it has some interestig things in it!