Has anyone heard of "bikesonline.com?" I want to know if they are safe.

I did a search but I didn’t find any results.

They have very cheep prices and I want to order from them but I don’t know if they are safe.

Have you heard of them??

I ran into Bikes Online about two weeks ago also. Not bad prices. I was going to get a KH 24 from there but since decided not to. They do have the BBB up in the left hand corner, but their shipping doesn’t sound like it is too quick. Depending on what your looking for you might want to check Universal Cycling out also. I haven’t used either place but Universal seems like a quicker ship. Also if you use Universal depending on what your purchasing they have online discounts codes for different amounts of purchase price.

Not much help, sorry.

I’ve just had a quick look and bikesonline.com seems like a legit company. Its website was registered in 1996 and all the details match up with every other record I could find. They joined the BBB last year and have 3 resolved complaints. All 3 seemed quite minor and the company is still rated as an A-.

The owner also runs http://www.biocyclist.net/, a laser bike fitting studio on the same premisis.

I would say you are safe buying from them.

Thanks for helping.

Well I ordered a 29" Kris Holm. I am excited.


Hmmmmm I was also thinking of buying here. Are they legit? What year are there unicycles because I really need the KH 24 at a low price. Any other websites I can buy unicycles at a fairly low price? Unicycle.com prices seem to be outrageous compared to others. Thanks!

I was going to buy a KH24 from Bikes Online, but I’m holding off for awhile, it’s a decent price (my computer doesn’t come up with a picture for the 24, I don’t know if it’s mine or the site doesn’t have ne)…Bikes Online has KH 24 on sale for Sale Price: $471.90 plus shipping of course, no idea of the year, sorry. I have had no personal experience ordering from them but they are a recognized member of the BBB.

They are 2009 models. The questions that I asked then via email were answered within minutes.
Seems like a good company so far.

really!? 2009 models? why the heck are there prices so much cheaper than udc??? I really want to buy from these guys but i want to know why the prices are so different and why EVERYONE doesnt buy from them?

Well the salesman told me that the price was mis marked but he would honor it anyway.

You could try to buy one also but You might want to wait until I get mine. I will review it for you.

Wow im surprised this thread hasnt gone anywhere. these are great deals and people are just ignoring this thread. I plan on gettin it tomorrow but i dont know if i wanna trust this site. Are they for sure 2009 models? I doubt that they accidentaly mixed up the prices and just happened to be like, oh its okay well just leave it like that so we can lose money. Please someone answer my questions and previous ones. thanks a bunch!

This whole question of “is such and such business safe?” baffles me.

You use a credit card to make the purchase, therefore you are protected.

Yes there can be trust issues with eBay sellers or buying things on craigslist, but someone who runs an e-commerce site and takes credit cards is safe because you have credit card protections.

I just missed out on a used '05 KH24 with brakes for $375. The guy just sold it when I called (Craigslist). So I ordered a KH24 from bikesonline. We’ll see how it goes. I am so poor now. It will be lighter than my Nimbus and I needed a second one for my daughter’s boyfriend to ride. His uni is really old and falling apart. I was saving for a 36 but I’m not in a hurry to get one. At least, not yet.

Well It has been 4 days since I ordered it and it hasn’t been shipped yet.
Funny, when I was emailing them with questions about the year and details my emails were replied to within minutes. Now I emailed them three days later to find out what the status of my order is and I get no reply. No answer on the phone either.

However, I still think my order will be shipped real soon. I just wonder why they didn’t ship it yet. They assured me that they don’t drop-ship and that it is a 2009 model and it is in stock. If it was my business I would ship it immediately. Before the buyer decides they didn’t really need it after all.

Also, I don’t believe their story about the mis marked prices. I don’t care, as long as I get a PERFECT condition 2009 KH 29" uni.


Hello, Me again.

I did get a email from them. This is what it said “Thank you for your order with Bikes Online. Your order will ship from our facility on 08/07/2009.”

My last remark about “no answer from them” is true tho.

Maybe they were busy on Friday and my status wasn’t updated. they are a huge outfit.
(I am not worried about getting it, just what it will look like. (ya know, you get what you pay for?)


I ordered mine on Saturday. I got an email saying they would ship it on the 12th. I’m curious how long it’ll take to receive it and if it’s an '09. Shipping was only about $14 putting the total at $486. Todd, I’ll be curious to see when you receive yours. Please post up when it comes.

Where did u look? I don’t even see them posted on the website.

You should see them under the unicycle link

They do have some nice stuff. For comparison purposes the only model we both sell is the Nimbus 20" Red. Their price is $8 lower but we have free shipping to the lower 48 states.

As you all know I got my Kris Holm 29" uni and I LOVE it.

Bikesonline.com messed up the shipping and they ended up having to order another one for me. Well they still have the first one that I ordered and it is sitting in their shop.

They will sell this brand new 2008 Kris Holm 29" unicycle for $526.35 ( I think he charges $20.00 shipping but you might be able to get him to wave that)
This uni comes with the 125/150 Moment cranks.(a nice surprise)

The owners name is Rick Applewhite. He himself told me he will sell this uni for this price. He can only sell this one at a discount for some reason.

This is a great deal for someone. If you buy it, please post your happiness on here. I would like to hear about your great deal.


If it’s a 2008 Kris Holm, how can it be brand new? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good lookin’ ride, though. Does it come with brakes, and is it blue?