Has anyone got any info on this UNI?

.Radial 360 36 inch Unicycle I see a listing at Unicycle.com but no picture link and I cant find any info via google.

How about the info here:

It would be nice to include the link if this was what you were talking about…

I think it’s the Qu-ax version of the Coker (or whatever it’s properly called), with UDC additions. Very new on the market, so I don’t know if anyone of us has one yet. Don’t know what’s up with all the broken pictures on Uni.com either. Maybe they have pictures, but something’s wrong on their site?

The cycle sounds like a much-upgraded Coker, with a non-Coker tire. This should re-ignite discussions about what’s a Coker… :roll_eyes:

I just got off the phone with Rebecca at Uni.com regarding the lack of a picture. She said the photographer took the picture, but they are waiting for the image to come back from the phtographer. She didn’t have a date when they would post pic.

The tire is supposed to be grooved, thus making it smoother than a Coker tire. According to her, it looks identical to a Coker, but has the diff tire and a Kh gel seat. Other differences are indicated in the parts list at the bottom of the linked page.


I saw it on Wednesday. The rim and frame do look identical to a Coker. The tire doesn’t have the knobies like the Coker tire. It is flat with groove running around the circumfrence. It also comes with an all black gel seat, which I thought was pretty amazing for the price.

In addition they have a Girraffe with two chains that expands form 5 to 8 feet. It has the sprocket bolted to the hub with 5 or 6 bolts. They also haveh a new unicycle that converts from 1 to 2 to 3 wheels, by adding each wheel one at a time.

Of course they also have the new Fat wheel 20 incher that looks like it is mounted on a Nimbus frame. I am sure there is more, but that is all I can think of right now.

Thanks for the info guys. I will include the link next time, I had already surfed far from the page i saw it on trying to find out about it when I posted here.

Thanks for pointing out the new 360 Coker, sounds great. I just noticed that the price goes up to $339 from $279 after August 31.

So one now has my name on it. :smiley:

That giraffe you talked about:

I thought it would be fully adjustable, doesn’t seem like it, 5 feet, or 8.

I cant seem to find that 3 wheeled giraffe. Im guessing its just a sem with 2 extension kits?


Re: Has anyone got any info on this UNI?

I bought one and expect delivery today!! Woo-f-ing-hoo!

I’ve only pedaled around on a 36 in wheel one time (Thanks, Dave Stockton!), but I’ll do a review of the Radial360 after I take it out for a spin or two.

BTW, the pic is now up at

It’s a lot harder to make a giraffe that can go to any size in between. Sem Abrahams has one. I was going to post a picture, but I don’t have any handy (I only shot video of it in the NAUCC public show). Very heavy, very complex, drop it and it bends or breaks.

But the one on Uni.com looks amazing for the price! 5’ and 8’ is a great choice of sizes. 5’ to get you used to the idea, as well as for low ceilings. 8’ for something taller than most other unicycles out there. In fact I’m guessing it’s the tallest factory-made unicycle there is! If it’s made in a factory. Or is it a DM or similar? He used to make adjustable giraffes, but they were much more heavy duty (and expensive). That giraffe is a great deal.

I just ordered one of these Radial 360 36" unis. I couldn’t resist the price at $279.00 (sale ends on 8/31). Use of the UDC wide hub makes for a nice little upgrade from the stock Coker. Thanks for the heads-up!

Whats new at Unicycle.com

I am so tempted to buy a gel seat for my Coker, since the gel in my homemade KH air/gel seat keeps slipping around