Has anyone ever rode to school?

I teach high school and I ride my coker the ten miles to and from work two or three times a week. Its definitely not sketchy, just a great way to keep in shape and not pollute on the commute.

In eight grade i rode to school everyday.
I don’t any more.
It was a 28" and it was only like half a mile.
I could get there sub 3 minutes if i really had to.


Here’s how Beau did it the hard way, back in 5th grade: http://nhoover.smugmug.com/gallery/1215685


i want to do it one day but its like a 30-45 minute car ride to my school from my house…
my teachers are cool though about me bringing my uni to school cuse i end up leaving it in classrooms or the principles office…

wait, wait…there are people who don’t ride their uni to school/work? :astonished:


never saw that one coming…


Well, time for another uni :smiley:


I saw that pic a while ago and it inspired me to some day to be able to do the same, but bigger wheel - sns it’s easier and faster.

How long did it take him? How many breaks did he have to take?

yeah… but i gotta save $ for a truck:o and i also am getting a new trials wheel :sunglasses: … but a 24 or 26 muni would be nice:p

I rode for all of 9th grade… I had mixed experiences riding to school. There was a park next door, so riding trials after school was great, but I was at a very inner city school (two students shot and killed during the year, another shot in the arm, and fights pretty often). Kids tried to kick the wheel out from under me all the time, but often were more impressed that I didn’t fall. No need to tell you how little you notice a kick to the back of the wheel. By the end of the year hardly anyone bothered me, unless I did stuff like ride down flights of stairs or jump picnic tables. As for really getting around, a bike is far faster.

In college unicycling is the perfect way to get around. I leave mine unlocked everywhere on campus, except on friday and saturday nights, since drunk people try to ride it.

I rode my 20" unicycle to school back when I went to Spotswood college (high school) a few times, but mostly I just got a ride in the car with my dad (who taught there) and rode my unicycle in between classes, and at lunch time. It took me a while being on the other side of town. It was not sketchy at all- I was allowed to lean my unicycle against the wall in all my classes rather than have to lock it in a bike rack.

I have been unicycling in from Bell Block to Central School (~8km) to teach unicycling at lunch times this week. It is not sketchy- I wear a high vis vest and bag cover, and I feel safe sharing the highway with cars and trucks even though the bike lanes and shoulders are not very consistent. I can see how less experienced riders might be put off by the poorly designed cycling facilities.

I disagree-a coker is quite comparable to bikes for speed. By law, bikes must stop at red lights, whereas unicyclists can choose when it is safe for them to go (you have the excuse- “No brakes!”) And footpaths are free game too for unicycles. So they are a bit slower but I would not say far slower. A 36" or 28" can be much faster than a car when the traffic is congested. Get an accident or something to back the cars up and you will pass hundreds of them.

Yeah, whatever you say Rowan. Maybe cops in New Zealand are idiots, but, well, the ones up here are idiots in the way that they’ll ticket you just as much for cokering through a red light as they will for biking through it.

As for curbs, I regularly hit up sidewalks on my bike (being careful to be respectful to pedestrians), and also pass cars on downhills. Cyclists in SF regularly blow through stop signs and red lights (I only do the former). So sure, tell yourself that a coker is comparable, and while you wheeze about that, I’ll enjoy how little I’m pedaling while pulling 35 down a hill while passing cars. Out of curiosity, Rowan, how many coker riders do you know who can jump speedbumps and potholes at 25mph and above? As for traffic, what makes a coker dramatically better for lane splitting than a bike? I ride in rush hour downtown traffic on my bike every day. I pass hundreds of cars, and have yet to see where a coker would be any faster.

I am rather annoyed by unicyclists who claim that they are comparable in speed to bicyclists. Yeah, a physically fit coker rider will burn granny on her sunday ride, but pitted against an equally strong and skilled bicyclist, there’s no competition. I’m not biased towards bikes–I love unicycles. But delusions won’t change how must faster I get to work in the morning when on my bike.

I used to ride my coker to school all the time…and my friend kind of rode his BC Wheel to school once. And another friend rode a giraffe to school once too…

While Coking is more fun and I get a lot more out of it, I dusted off my bike yesterday and did the 28 mile round trip commute to work on it for the first time since January. It was awesome. On the first little downhill I was cruising at over 60kph. I met up with 3 friends from work and we blasted in together, lots of high speed fun. It was my first time riding much over 30kph (Coker speed) in months and it felt great. Of course I’m looking forward to our Santa Cruz coker muni ride scheduled for this Sunday too!


Did once, took an hour, butt ached realy bad balls burned, never again. well untill I get my coker.

Yes, some cops in NZ are idiots, it goes with the profession- power goes to their head and they think they know it all. I bet the same happens in your country. Just cos they threaten you with a ticket doesn’t mean they can stick it in the court of law. If you know what the laws are then you have nothing to be afraid of from the cops. If you are behaving disorderly and endangering the public by running a red light then you can be arrested, but if it is safe then there is no legislation specific to a one wheel vehicle that says you must stop.

If you can cruise on your Coker at 25km an hour comfortably, and cars are limited to 50km an hour in built up zones, then the trip can take twice as long at most, which is still reasonable. And I didn’t say Cokers were faster than bikes, but comparable because on a bike you must find a place to lock it up when you get there but unicycles can be taken almost anywhere, and although bikes are fast on downhills, they tend to go slower on uphills than unicyclists (with the exception of really fit bike riders). The times are still comparable over say a 10km distance. You might get there in 20mins on a bike or 30 mins on a unicycle. 10 extra mins is worth it for the fun of unicycling, and both methods are better for the environment than cars. I don’t know any Coker riders who need to jump pot holes at 35mph because they are quite capable of dodging them at 25-30km an hour. I don’t know what lane splitting is, but I am sure it is just as easy on a unicycle as it is on a bike, especially since traffic tends to give you a wider berth unicycling than when riding a bicycle.

Good for you if you ride your bike to work. I am a cycling advocate, and all forms of cycling are good! Don’t tell me my times aren’t comparable just cos you are faster than me… I can compare whatever I like to whatever I like. I’ve come last in two road cycling events and I know unicycling is slower, but it is more fun and easily makes up for it!

pretty sketchy man.

what does that mean anyway?

I ride mine every day mostly my 26" but if I want to do trials after school I’ll take my 20", if I’m really bored I’ll ride my giraffe

not sketchy at all, I lock mine up but if you have a place you can put it inside than do so,

generally don’t be an ass when people ask you questions and ignore them when they try to kick it out from under you, they’ll stop eventually

btw if you do put it out side, keep a shower cap in you book bag incase it rains (to put on the seat)

Lane splitting.

Thanks for the link. In the context of motorcycling Lane Splitting does not really apply to Unicycling or Biking since bike lanes do exist and you don’t have to split anything to ride on them. If you do split lanes, then bikes and unicycles are equally good at splitting because they are the same width, regardless of length, and it is your sideways profile that matters when splitting.