Has anyone ever rode to school?

Has anyone ever rode their unicycle to school, I mean how sketchy would that be?

My friend Perry rides his coker to school a lot. He says ppl think it’s cool!

2.5 miles. rain or shine on my muni to my JC. Fastest time: 25 min, but I usually challenge myself along the way, w/ UPD’s and take 45-50 min.

Sometimes I take my 20.

i rode mostly every day that weather permitted. I would much rather ride or walk to school than drive.

I rode my 29er.
I live about 2 miles away and it would take about 15-20 mins.

I rode my 24" lx and my 20" dx to my classes all year (Northern Illinois University) worked great. Can’t wait until classes start back up, now that I can ride my coker to them!

-you may even become a campus celebrity

I rode to school all 4 years of highschool. which also happens to be the number of unicycles i went through. Every day, through ice, snow and sunshine. all on a 20 incher. Now i ride to work. Be sure to watch out for those pesky assistant principles, they never seem to understand the coolness of the unicycle. And keep it at your side at all times.

bike rack = broken or stolen unicycle

yes definateley find a very safe spot to leave it, like in your favourite teachers classroom, at administration, or somewhere you know there will be an adult nearby all day, or somewhere where people cannot access the unicycle, like in a locked room.

…is ‘sketchy’ good?

i have a few times. my friend has sometimes too.
Comedian Ross Noble, used to ride his to school. he’s so funny. i love him

I rode my 20" to my bus stop every day I could (about a half mile) then when i got off my bus I rode from the stop to school(another half mile) I would ride my coker all the way to school (about a 15 minute cars trip on the highway) but I would have to ride along the highway and it would take almost an hour to get there…

dang… i wish i could but my school is like 7-8 miles away… that would be a long and butt chaiffing<–(spelling?) ride on a 20 trials… thats the bigest wheel that i’ve got.:frowning:

well I’m in college so I live at school but I always ride around school. It’s a great way to get to class on time.

always. 20 and 24. none of my teacher have ever complained and i carry it around with me into classes. they school administration had complained about us riding on school campus during hours. it is about a 2-2.5 mile ride though.

I ride to work. Does that count? I’ve a 20" and it stores great under my desk.

Well i rode to school once in hail because the school bus took too long to come.

So riding a 20" in hail proved quite a challenge. A challenge i hope i will do again someday. Even though i don’t go to school no more. :smiley: :smiley:

well i used to ride to school a bit.

i live about 9km away (thats like 6 miles) and i could do it on my 24 in about 50 minutes.

then i started using my coker and doing the same distance in about half an hour.

i cant ride my uni to school, i live too far away… to drive it takes about 20-25 minutes in a car, and i’ve only got a 20" wheel… plus its uphill all the way…

It’s funny because the last 3 posts (including mine) have been aussie posts. :smiley:

Sorry to hear that lil rockmelon. :frowning: But where i live, there’s alot of hills and stuff like that. Which is where a coker is ideal. But i don’t have my coker no more. So yeah. :smiley:

I ride to the dpeartment on occassion, it’s only about 1/2 mile and on a 36" doesn’t take much time atall.

“The Unicycle may beat all other methods of getting to class”

  • My thoughts exactly