Has anyone drilled Venture IIs?

Hi everyone, I was very close to pulling the trigger on getting a new pair of Mad4One triple hole cranks but ran across a post showing the back side of a Nimbus Venture II crank.

Basically I really want some low/zero Q, dual or multi-hole cranks. I know the Mad4One cranks would be ideal and would be an investment into a lifetime of zero-Q multi-hole riding but they cost about half as much as the unicycle they would be going on (Nimbus Nightfox)

So has anyone drilled Venture IIs? I have drilled Moments with great success and drilled multiple SINZ cranks resulting in multiple failures.

The Venture II profile looks decent in the pictures, obviously not as overkill as Moments but they should fair better than the SINZ offerings. Can anyone confirm this? has anyone drilled any out? and if so any failures?




Mad4one triple hole cranks

Have got a link to these?

I’d also be interested in making some venture cranks triple hole

I don’t have a link but when I e-mailed Marco he responded saying that he had 110/130/150 cranks in black, green, purple, and maybe red.

You can e-mail him at marco@mad4one.com

I love the idea of the replaceable pins so the interface never wears out, but I could wear out or brake a bunch of Ventures for less than the cost of one set.

Romain sells them at CDK:
http://www.cdk.fr/manivelles-isis-ergal-triple-violet-13203.html(also in black and in green).

The price is… interesting!