Has anyone broken or damaged a Nimbus 19" Trials rim??

I haven’t used one of these rims before, just trying to get some feedback to help me choose what rim I want.

I ride the Nimbus Bling (19" trials), and it’s always stood up fine to whatever I’ve thrown at it. At the minute, my tyre pressure’s too low, so I sometimes end up landing jumps on the rim (I’ve meant to pump up the tyre for a while), but it’s never done any harm. The whole uni feels solidly built.

I exploded one jumping down a big 8 set (after only a couple of months) and bent another one (beyond repairing possibilities) after about a year of riding.

That being said, they are the strongest rims I have tried. The only other stronger rim I could think of (and it’s still debatable) is the undrilled Try-All, which I have never tried personally.

I would say you can’t go wrong if you build a unicycle with that rim.

They are pretty strong rims but like all rims not invincible. Zach Wenner killed one at 2011 NAUCC with a super STEEZY caught flip down an 8 set.

Well, Zach is a pretty big guy and he had massive air on that flip… but yeah.

All the rims I’ve ridden from the strongest to the weakest (and I usually take pretty good care and at least have a montly maintenance on my rim/wheel)

1.Alex DX32 (39mm wide)
2.Try-All Drilled (47mm wide)
3.Nimus Trials (42mm wide)
4.Kris Holm drilled (47mm wide)

All of them are 19".

The alexrim is strong as hell but way too narrow, try-all was the best bang for bucks I’ve had. Nimbus is a tad narrow, but cheap so it’s a good rim.

cheers guys!! im building it up with a mad4one hub so i want the rim to last my pretty good and withstand my trials.

There is a big difference between the Dominator and the Dominator 2 rims which are the Nimbus rims. All the profiles except the Alex and Doninator 2 rims are identical.

The Dominator 2 is a deeper section than the others and has other features that make it a LOT stronger rim than the old J200 design rim. I would not say that the DX32 was super strong… when they were a common rim (many years ago) they certainly were breaking a lot and this was due to their super low profile - have they changed?