Has anyone bought a uni from these guys?

I’ve been kicking myself in the butt since March 1st when udc went back to the regular price on the KH unis. I was sitting on the fence as to what size I was going to get & missed out on the sale price. :frowning:

So today I searched around and found this web site - taylorsbikeshop dot com - that has super prices on KH unis. I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH THESE GUYS! Admin - If it’s not cool to ask about this shop here please delete this post.

To the point of my post = has anyone bought a uni from these guys? And if so, what kind of experience was it?


Be a bit skeptical, read some of the specs and compare them to UDC… the Nimbus 29 on taylors is listed with the double wall rim where on UDC only the Muni has that, but thats not the muni frame in the picture or specs (on taylors)… Seems like they have a few typos (intentional or not ???)
so I would at lease double check because if that is the 29 muni thats $120 cheaper

Good point Tom!

I was looking at buying the 29. So, after more checking around, I found a 2008 KH 29 at a shop on amazon. It seems that the one on the taylor site is a 2008 model - different width rim, different spokes, different saddle, etc.

Guess I’ll wait till udc had MY ride on sale! Then we can meet up & do a ride. Right now old ladies pass me on my 20".


Yeah ummmmm… Untill my tax refund hits the bank I’m on an 18" so I know the feeling as my 1 year old passes me in a walk and play LOL… The old rail road bed that runs along 30 is now a jogging / bike path of packed cinders…
are you getting the Muni or road version? Either should be good on that path.

Never bought anything from them, but they have two recent ratings here:

$430 is already a lot of money, and I’m trying to decide if the extra $260 for the Kris Holm is worth it. I found this site, also with great ratings on reseller ratings, and it looks like maybe this is an older version of the Kris Holm 29"?

Assuming this is, the 2008 Kris Holm, is it still be a better unicycle than the new Nimbus 29"?

I see a lot of the complaints about Nimbus have been addressed in the new model (Double Wall Rim, better seat)… so maybe old forum posts saying KH 2008 is better than Nimbus are not really relevant any more.