has anyone been to Darren Bedford's shop?

has anyone been to Darren Bedford’s shop? cause i might be going to toronto soon and I was wondering if it would be worth checking it out.


i was at his shop like 2 years ago, he has some cool unicycles there, like on made of shoes. but if u know what you want just get it shiped to you… when i went 2 years ago (donno if he changed it) he didnt have a show room like a bike store. it was more like a repair shop… but i was glad i went there… b4 you go u have to call him cuz he isnt always there, and he is sooo cool.

what are you getting??

well Im probly not gunna buy any thing, exsept mayby a new front lift handle, but if I can sell my paintball gun before then I could proboly get the light duty trials uni.

darren’s shop is awesome, definately worth cheching out!

Is it sad that while “Distance from freinds/family” is on the “con” side of applying for my Masters in Toronto, it’s balanced by “Bedford’s is in Toronto”? :wink:

I want to go there one day…it might be a while though.

i’ve been
Darren’s a great guy, has a cool shop
it’s definitely worth checkign out

You should definitely visit where you’re in Toronto. Here’s a photo of Darren hosting about 15 of us after the Lifestyles race in 2004. He’s the man.



Definitely a nice guy, and full of energy!