Has anyone been ripped off on this forum?

I’m not going to mention the member’s name but I paypal’d him $240 for a bunch of uni parts and a frame…that was going on 2 weeks ago. He emailed me a week ago and said they should be there but when I asked for a tracking number or a copy of the shipping receipt, he said he didn’t want to pay for the tracking number so he didn’t get one and that he didn’t have a receipt.

I asked what he paid for it and he said “30-something”… and quickly said he would refund the money the end of last week if the package didn’t show. I had a bad feeling at this point so I filed a dispute with paypal. I hadn’t heard from him in a few days and after a few emails so I escalated it to a claim. the member has been one for almost a year and seemed like a stand-up guy. I’m bummed for 2 reasons

  1. I have $240 out there and am probably not going to get the uni parts
  2. I really wanted the parts and the frame :slight_smile:

Any advice? Any similar stories?


First of all it is nice that you are taking the high road and not dragging the seller into this from the start. I’m sorry to hear about this. I often thought that there should be a way to rate the sellers on this forum. My experiences have all been good though. Seller’s have been very good about communication, and I have always received my stuff quickly. When I sell I make a point of shipping UPS so that it can be tracked, unlike USPS which can’t. I also don’t take money until I have it boxed, weighed, and have the time to get it shipped.

This post has re-awakened me to the real problems with buying over a forum. I will certainly be more careful in the future.

Good luck with this, and I hope in the end that you get the stuff.

If this isn’t resolved in a positive way it might be good to have a sticky post of dead beat member’s from whom we should only deal in person with cash.

Or, maybe if there is a way to ban them from posting in the trading post. The red flag would be if we see things for sale in RSU.

Those are great ideas… I’m sure it will be resolved, Paypal is usually pretty good about resolving the issues. The lesson for me is that I will make sure I insist on a tracking number (I thought I did in this case…which is one of the things that made me think he never planned on sending the items).

Rating sellers would be a great idea if easily implemented. I have had some great luck on this forum…something like 3-4 transactions since I signed-up (about a month ago).

Oh well… the seller may have a reason for all this; this is why I didn’t want to “call him out” on a public forum. I just wish he would communicate with me to put my mind at ease.