Has anyone adapted a BOB trailer to a unicycle?

When my wife and I tour on our tandem (one wheel per person) we often pull a one wheeled trailer (okay, that makes 1.5 wheels per person). The BOB (Beast of Burden - see attachment) trailer is especially good for single track, and would be great on a long distance uni trek. Pulling a BOB, instead of wearing a pack or pulling a two wheeled trailer, would have two major benefits:

  1. more stable without a pack
  2. nobody would say, “hey, look at the dork on the tricycle”, if you were pulling a two-wheeler.

So, has anyone tried adapting a BOB to the seat post of a uni for long distance touring?

BOB trailer.gif

you know what? you may be on to something here… but then it wouldn’t be a unicycle…

would the BOB really actually help with balance or anything? if not then it pretty much is still a uni

how would you attach it? i’ve thought about this, figured it’d be more stable front to back but harder to turn. never could figure out quite how to attach it.

Ben Chambers from Devon made a unicycle trailer; it attaches to the unicycle with a clamp and universal joint below the seat. Could you make some kind of adapter for the yak to attach it further up?


you could ride it no problem as long as you didn’t hit it with the cranks.

The Articulated All Wheel Drive Tandem has been attempted.

USA founder Bill Jenack attached one of the early Cannondale bike trailers (called Buggers at the time) to a unicycle, probably when they first came on the market. This was in the late 70s. But those trailers had 2 wheels, so didn’t need a sophisticated hitch.

Tim Bustos has (had?) a BOB trailer, but I don’t know if he did any work to hook it up to a unicycle. It needs to rotate left & right, but have a rigid connection to keep it from twisting (falling to the sides). It would probably make for an interesting ride.

I thought that “Articulated All Wheel Drive Tandem” linked above was pretty funny. How come the rider with no steering ability has handlebars, and the “driver” has none? :slight_smile: