Has anybody given up b*king?

I just gave a friend my bicycle on long-term loan because I just don’t use it anymore. In fact, when I tried to hand it over to him I couldn’t even remember where I’d put it!

My unicycle basically has all the nifty toys my bike used to have (lights, reflectors, cycle computer, a flashing thing on my valve cap ;-), it’s heaps more fun to ride and it’s still quite fast for getting places. I basically stopped using the bicycle for most journeys quite a long time ago. The basic machine is a Nimbus 29er, 125 cranks and a UDC gel saddle.

I’m curious if anybody else has “made the switch” like this in any genre of cycling (e.g. give up mountain biking for muni, commuter biking for cokering, etc), what their experiences have been, and what hardware they’re riding. Where you live would also be interesting - in Cambridge, UK we’ve got quite a bike culture so there are lots of safe cycle routes for me to ride around town without getting splatted.

I somewhat made that switch, only because my bike was stolen a few months ago. I still ride bikes whenever I get the chance, I love being able to go about 25mph on a bike with out much trouble, I couldn’t go that fast on my trials.

Not too long ago, I got 2 junker BMX bikes, I haven’t rode either of them, mainly because I am gonna use them for projects, and unicycling is a lot more fun in my opinion. I guess im about 60% in the switch, and that’s where ill stay, I couldn’t ever just give up my bike for a uni, when doing both is what I like to do.

I gave up riding bikes shortly after getting on the internet and discovering that you can do more than just ride around in circles on a unicycle. I used to ride around on bikes for fun, now I ride around on unicycles whenever I go outside. All of my bicycles have rusted and all of my bike ramps have since rotten away.

I figure I’ll get a new bike for when I’m in college next year, though, because driving around a car and searching for parking spots is way too much work and I’d rather ride a bike long distance than a unicycle.

yup. haven’t ridden a bike for a long time, except for moab, where i was brainwashed with 2 wheeled propoganda.

i use my bike for flatland ( bike freestyle )

Why give up something just because you are doing something else?

I’m doing far more biking now than I was before unicycling. And far more biking than unicycling, but it does go in cycles :stuck_out_tongue: There are times when I don’t ride the bike for months and others when the unicycles gather dust.

I stripped my bike for bc parts and tires and stuff. I hadn’t ridden the thing in about 6 months before I did so and now I couldn’t if I wanted to.

I traveled to a city about a 4 1/2 hour drive from my home to visit my grandparents. That’s where I got my first uni. I got back to discover that my bike had been stolen during the weekend. So I’ve made the switch almost 100% since day one, but I still love bikes. Kinda a forced retirment from biking, but I don’t really mind that much.

I havnt ridden a bike for at least 2 years

i havent ridden my bike to school in over 5 weeks. saying that i’ve only ridden my muni to school 3 times. I only use my bike when i have to get somewhere fast, but the tyres have been flat on my bike for the last one and a half months. you just can’t beat a bike for speed

Quite the opposite… before unicycling I only used a bike for getting from A to B; unicycling has got me into mountain biking in a big way, so much so that I ride bikes more than unicycles now. Unicycling is excellent fun but a bike is more versatile and can go further.


I used to ride my b*ke daily, but since i learnt to unicycle, i haven’t ridden it in four years.

Exactly the same thing here. I use my unis for having fun and excersize (I guess) and my bike for more utilitarian things, like getting around! I also mountain bike. Unicycling has made me a better biker in general. Unicycling works on many things, such as leg strength, core strength and horizontal/vertical balance. These things help out with lots of other sports, too!

If I can, I unicycle everwhere.

The only times I bike are when I’m going somewhere with other bicyclists.

ha i havnt biked in months and the only reason i did is becouse i was grounded and my dad was all

“no more unicycling till your grades are up”

me- “fine!” rides off on my bike

ahh…good times

Yes i admit to the switch. I had a bike about 2 months ago and i rode it down to the shop to get some stuff, forgot about it and walked home. That was the last i saw of it. Now if i had just rode my uni i would never have forgotten it and now i would have a bike and be able to then i could but if i wanted… but i dont like to dwell on the matter.
Unicycling prove’s to be funner anywho.

My bike is sitting in my barn striped of all useful parts.

i have a bike but i haven’t used it in like a year. i was always too afraid to try to do jumps and go off ramps and stuff on my bike so i would only ride it into town once in a while. now i’m really into trials unicycling (i’m about to buy a trials uni … yeah!!!) so i can do jumps and stuff. i also use my unicycle to ride into town – it’s so much more fun and worth the extra time.

Generally when my friends are outside going for a bike ride or some similar, I take my 10$ 12 (now 6) speed girls’ road bike (older than I am, with many original parts :astonished: ), but hopefully I’ll be cruisin’ on a coker soon enough so I won’t need to bother with that thing anymore.

Bikes are cheaper, faster, more ubiquitous, make more sense, and a whole pile of other benefits, but I still ride unicycles. Why? Because I can.

I like being stared at and harassed. It’s part of the adventure and allure I see in unicycling. I feel bad when I ride bikes. The whole time I’m thinking about how much cooler my unicycles are, even if they are extremely impractical.