Has anybody ever...

…unicycled the whole Appalachian Trail? A quick Google search turned up nothing.

IDK, but I’ll have to do that somtime.

yeah, i’ve been thinking about that too. as far as i know, no one has, but it seems like a lot of fun. i was wondering if one would need to obtain special permission for that.

I think that I’m going to attempt to ride the whole thing after I graduate high school in two years. I’ve already got ultralight camping gear and a nice small backpack that hugs my back tightly enough to ride with - I’ll just need to get some riding shorts and a decent uni that can hold up for about a month of riding :smiley:

EDIT : You shouldn’t really need special permission for it, and even if you do, it wouldn’t be too hard to get. It’s just like hiking, only on a wheel.

ummm I believe the AT is for FOOT TRAVEL only. I’ve hiked/run a lot of the AT in the Smokey’s and all through Virginia and I know for a fact that they had “foot traffic only” signs. There are places I remember seeing forest rangers out at various trail heads so you could run into a spot of trouble if you were unlucky enough to come across a ranger i.e. hefty fine. Rules aside I can testify that, it would be very difficult to ride long stretches of this trail at a time as this was designed as a hiking trail, so a lot of the gradient/trail surface is very conducive to wheeled traffic. Not saying it’s impossible, but I’d budget as much time (at least) as you’d think it would take you to hike it. You’d probably be best advised to do a few weekend trips on parts of the AT to get a better idea. Good luck with that.

Your not allowed to bike it, so I would imagine doing the whole thing, you may run into problems.

Ive heard they are working on something like the AT for bikes, that will run along side it for parts.

I grew up in an area that the AT runs through, and tho there are many hikers that would not care, and would be delighted to see a uni on the trail, there are also many who are very snobby about hiking. Typically hikers are way more connected to the world than they used to be, and could get you kicked off in a a heart beat.

Good luck tho, Ive thought about this, I have done a mile or two of it.