Has anybody ever tried putting a drop seatpost on their Muni?

I was riding Saterday with a new unicycle friend and they were talking about how there seat was to high for doing big drops but they kept the seat high since we were doing long distance (long to me 14 miles). This made me wonder if anybody has ever put a drop post on their unicycle if so how did it do?

I don’t think anyone has done it. Mainly because it’s far from being cheap, and second, on a uni, the force applied to a seat are very different since we’re not just sitting, but also pulling, twisting it and so on. And with a lot of brutal forces when it comes to muni. So the seat post would last for long.

An option is to have an adjustable seat clamp. Ok, you can’t change “on the fly”, but at least you don’t need to get the allen wrench out each time you want to jump or ride.

personally I think it would be fine if you were tall enough for it. I had considered this, or even a suspension post. You’d have to run the adapter or the Qu-Ax airride saddle, which is no big deal.

I’m a shorty, so neither would fit on anything but my 24.

It is a conundrum (pun intended) though. I keep mine pretty high for XC so I can climb easily, but I can’t do anything fancy on the jumps.

I used to be part of the drop-your-seatpost-club but now cant honestly remember the last time I did on uni or bike.

Never really needed to drop it even when doing drops or jumps.