Harper's cry in the wilderness

OK all you comptechies, how do I move my Super8 mm video into digital format and onto my computer. We have lots of video from the TCUC Regionals (including Ben’s running giraffe mount) and other events that we’d like to share…especially with folks like Grandpa and Grandma Edwards type people.


I can’t believe the creator of the fantastic Uni.5 (which name I personally like) doesn’t have a copy of One Wheel - No Limit!

Hey, I’m they guy to talk to about that. First of all, your going to have to clarify “Super 8 mm Video”. Unless I’m mixed up, there is no Super 8 Video. Super 8 is FILM, then there’s 8mm Video, Hi-8 Video, and Digital-8 Video (Sony’s attempt at bridging the digital gap).

If your talking about Super 8 FILM, then it won’t be easy.

If you’ve got one of the 8mm VIDEO permutations, what you need is a computer with video capture hardware, this can range from a simple TV Tuner card to a high-end video editing capture device. Also, you need the appropriate capture software. Essentially, this just lets you input a video signal, from your camera or video player (VCR, 8mm VTR, etc.) and capture to a computer file (Quicktime Video, mpg, etc…). If you decide to go this route, your looking at some computer upgrades, and I could talk you through the particulars if you want to email me here at Unicyclist.com.

If your looking for somebody to do it for you, you can find a video production house (check your local Yellow Pages, or find somebody online like this ) Usually, production houses can take care of whatever your needs are, but I don’t know what the prices look like. If what you have is FILM, this is probably the only way to go.

And, finally - and I take no offense if you aren’t comfortable trusting “some guy from the web”, but I do this sort of stuff for a living. (I’m a multimedia specialist at Georgetown University’s new “New Media Center”). If it’s 8mm video you’ve got, I could capture it for you. The sketchy part is mailing me the tapes. I’ve been looking for something to use to work on my editing skills, so I might even be able to do some editing for you if I have time. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to Hi-8 or Digital-8 players, so if that’s what you’ve got, I can’t help you.

Hope this isn’t too much information. I don’t often get to combine my passions for video production and unicycling. :smiley:

Wow, great info. I’ll take this off group and email you personally. Info from others would still be helpful.