Harper in the flatlands

While being in Europe for business, Greg Harper was kind enough to visit me in the flat Netherlands for a sunny Sunday. It was a bummer that due to a medical condition I couldn’t ride myself on that day (which Greg knew beforehand), but Greg and Jorga enjoyed doing some trials and MUni stuff, with me walking along. Greg had to admit afterwards that although our hills aren’t large, we do know what steep is. Oh well, inclinometers don’t lie. In jumping and dropping heights he was quite limited by my Suzue hub and 170 mm cranks as me nor Jorga own a proper trials uni (not being good enough yet to need one). At least now my MUni has had the experience to go up a set of stairs in twos. I’d never met Greg in person but I can only say he is a great guy to hang out with. Once again, thanks for coming!

On the pic, taken in front of our house, Greg gives some useful pointers for Jorga to improve her hopping height.

Klaas Bil


That’s pretty nice of Greg to come visit you.

If someone ever comes to Finland you habe to tell me. I want to ride with someone.

It was a gas to be on another continent, get on a train, and ride with other unicyclists 30 minutes away. The benefits of going to meet Klaas Bil are 1.) he has spare unicycles, 2.) he gives you a signed inclinometer if you visit, 3.) Jorga fixes you an authentic Dutch lunch. Always take advantage of opportunities to go places to meet unicyclists. My contention is still that they are the best. Klaas and Jorga are certainly both in that class (pun intended).