Haro Small Block Plastic Pedals?

Anyone tried the Haro Small Block Plastic Pedals? I need some good plastic pedals eventually so I was looking around at danscomp.com when I noticed them…

THey look okay I guess. I used to use the Haro Big Block magnesium pedals and I really liked them.


the ones i have are just like that but they are 1/2 inch and won’t fit a unicycle

these ones are definitely 9/16 though.

For plastic pedals these are pretty grippy and tough:

Hey I’d really like to hear if anyone else has used these pedals. Because otherwise I’ll just get the Odyssey twisted plastics.

I like the Haro’s because they’re cheaper haha. I mostly just care about them being strong, and I’m also wondering if the knurling stuff on the Haro’s would be bad for grinding…

Jeeze you guys are no help… :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

if its for flat i would suggest the easterns, i got some and they didnt hold up to well for me, but im a bigger guy so myabe thats why.

anyways, nice pedals

They look almost identical to the KHE PVC pedals except with the logo machined out.
I have a pair of the KHE pedals and I broke a chunk out of them really fast (I think 1-2 days, I am not sure) and I only rode on flat.

I also have the eastern plastics but they odyssey twisteds are still my favorite.

Well I would use them mainly for street and grinding stuff, then like freestyle and flat the other part of the time I guess.

Oh well. Looks like I’ll just spend the extra $4 and get the Odyssey twisteds. I was hoping to save some cash.

anyone know where to get the haro blocks in canada?

I’m thinking of grinding these down and putting some griptape on them.
Thoughts, suggestions? :roll_eyes: