<Haro cranks fit KH?>

My new found San Francisco friends told me that there are cranks made by haro that will fit my KH hub…and they dont have nubs!

Here is a link to Haro’s website:

I assume that the “Sub-C” s are the ones i am going for.

Can anyone tell me if these can infact fit the KH hub? Also how they are? And lastly, Where do i get them?! My searches on google only came up with whole bikes for sale and a couple expired ebay auctions.

I think im gonna try calling LBS’s right now.

Thanks- erik

(Bevin and Mike, my AIM SN is mango8chicken. Keep in touch!)

i have the haro cranks on my trials uni, their 140s and there very cool. there way stronger than the kh cranks. they also work great for doing pedal grabs .

And in 165’s, what a great alternative!

Not sure about those 180’s though

I’m salivating! Whered you get 'em? How do they compare weight-wise to the KH cranks?

From my observation, the haro cranks seem to be beefier and a bit heavier than the KH cranks. They have much smaller nubs and the perfect amount of q-factor. Get them. Zack is the best person to say where.

can you get them in the uk and are they cheaper then the real thing?

Thats awesome. Do you no how much they cost I can’t find it on the website. Thanks.

my crankes were orderd thru a bike shop. there about $70. but they come with the bottom braket. but u can sel it back to the bike shop for $35.