Haro 140mm cranks for sale (new)

I have a brand new set of Haro Sub-C 140mm cranks. They’re 8-splined, and will fit on a summit, or KH20. These cranks don’t have the killer ankle nubs that are on the Summit or KH20’s cranks. They are also pointed out, which it seems many unicyclists prefer (myself included). They have a sprocket mount for a 3-piece crank, but that can be ignored without a problem, or it can be ground off.

My parents had these ordered (as a specialty item) from a bike shop in May for my birthday. They were on back order, and said that they couldn’t get em. Well during June, I decided I was going to use my birthday money to buy profiles for my trials. I thought that the LBS never ordered the cranks, and that the order from us was dead. Well they called a few days ago, saying that they got them in. After much frustration, it came down to buying the cranks even though I didn’t want them anymore.

They are brand spanking new, and come with the whole crankset, even though you would only use the cranks. (That’s the way they sell them.) I’m pretty certain you would be able to sell the axle, bearings, etc. on ebay, or to a bmx rider.

The crankset was $100, with tax the total was about $110.

I’m selling them for $85 plus shipping.





Sorry, that was me. It logged me in as zack cause I was helping him with stuff last week.

Anyhow, here’s some more pics:


what it would look like on your wheelset…





so have you sold your haro’s yet? becuase if you havent im interested. i just broke my KH’s the other day on a flight of stairs and im lost with out my trials. let me know my email address is tyson@myrealbox.com