Hardest trials line EVER

Well,its not a line exactly,its just plain hard.

woodpile 2.jpg

Nice picture! I have a better one (not the picture, the Trials challenge).

That’s Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho. Riding there is not legal, but you can see how rough it is. If you would like to try something similar, there are wide open places in Hawaii and Iceland with similar (even rougher) surfaces.

While those bits of firewood will slip and slide as you ride over them, the lava, even after hundreds of years of being there, will rip your tire to shreds!


Lava rips tires?Is it that sharp?

woodpile 1.jpg

Ill make em smaller now.

This ones not so hard.

woodpile logride.jpg

I can only make it about half way up before falling.


Sorry for so many posts.I dont know how to post multiple images in one post.


Johnfoss: Is that a discbrake on your uni or are my eyes deceiving me? :wink:

Probably faaar from the hardest, but it’s a real challenge for me! :wink:

I love all of these pics. Reminds me of my loose rock muni spot (I posted a short video of it a week or two ago).


The unicycle in the lava photo is an early 80’s 24" Miyata. With a circular reflector I bought in Copenhagen.

Lava won’t rip your tire right away, but it’s real rough and can be sharp. If you played around on it for a while, I’m sure it would start tearing up your rubber pretty quick.

lol that would be exciting. :astonished: good job tho



That is amazing. One of the more astounding things I’ve seen in my short life. I didn’t think it would have been possible for a uni, let alone a bike, do that.

I thought unis could go anywhere, but I guess bikes can, too. You learn something new everyday.

jaw drops

If I’m ever on rock that steep, I use a rope and harness!

That line is nuts! No salt, no honey roasted, just plain nuts!

Does he have his foot down?

This line is kinda gnarly too…

Fexnix: Upwards or downwards (or both)? :wink:

No, he’s on pedal.

i did that once its not that hard