Hard work pays off

2 Weeks ago i had a personal record of 85cm(seat in) side hop. now im at 105(SIF) cm sidehop.

ive practiced everyday. accept sunday.

now i just need to apply the same method to still standing so i can ride some sweet rails.


How long have you been riding for?

2 years.

edit: on and off since about a month ago.

Sweet man good for you.

I need to do the same thing, LOL.

I say just go for it on the rails. You’ll be surprised at your still standing abilities when you get on a rail for the first time. Anyways, congrats on that 105cm hop. You’ve inspired me to work on my SIF trials.

i can ride rails really easily if i have something to hold onto so i can mount

the hardest part is mounting while trying to balance on one foot on a rail…

while getting some more footage for me new movie i found out that i couldnt mount on a rail.