Hard Rock MUni

From Tuesday, 9/29/09, at “Rock-it” trail in Aliso Woods, near Laguna Niguel, CA. This trail has some seriously badass technical sections! Ankle still not 100% yet, but definitely improving. :o:p:)

I shot it with my Canon HV30, in widescreen HD!

You must never be “2 Tired” to go out and ride!
Looks like your riding on a 'gator’s back.

Yep, and it can rear it’s ugly head and bite ye right quick, as Deano found out:


(Btw, thanks in part to the uni forum, and members from other cycling forums for the more than 330 views for “Hard Rock MUni” in less than 24 hours, and over 1,000 views on my “Fargo hill climb” vid in less than 5 days! :slight_smile: )

… and you didnt use the song by Herbie Hancock?

Fun looking trail… kinda slick rock like

Deano is a head-banger for sure. Sure he saw the Hollywood Stars…

Haha, I wanted more of a hard rock song, and the moment I heard the Pulley song I knew that was it!

Haha, kinda…but not really. :smiley:
Slickrock: :slight_smile:

Rock-it: :astonished:

That was one of the only times he ever wore a helmet too…on our insitence, especially for that trail! Could have been a serious head injury had he not been wearing it! :o



That I’ll learn him.!!!
Bet he dons one now all the time.