Hard Rock MUni! Ronin DJI Stable-Cam

Had the most INCREDIBLE experience this past Sunday riding super rocky Hummingbird trail in Simi Valley! Met up with pro videographer Nate Votran, and he got tons of amazing footage using his handheld DJI Ronin 3 axis gimbal setup! (like steadicam but much higher end)

The visual quality is so smooth and flowing, it’s just gives everything a true, polished film look. I give him major props also since this was his first time filming on a trail, let alone one like this, and had to do a lot of running while holding his huge camera rig! You can acually see his shadow and what looks like super wide handlebars in some of the shots. He did fall once near the end but thankfully neither he nor his rig was damaged!

And to top it off, we met some hikers who wanted to to HOP over their friend, Jennifer. To our surprise she was totally up for it! So did I do it? Did the jump go wrong? Did she survive? Watch and see! I really feel this is my best video ever, in big part thanks to Nate’s amazing filming. I must add that this edit was my most challenging, from uploading all 65 clips from his memory card to my ancient laptop after the ride, to finding a converter that would retain video quality, to finally piecing the clips together. I hope you enjoy it and please watch in full screen HD if possible. :_D


Wow Terry! That’s some amazing footage. Very stable. And awesome riding too.

Hmm, I wonder if I could get a Ronin 3 axis gimbal to stabilize my muni :roll_eyes:

I really enjoy how you have advanced your uni skills and your video skills over the years. I’ve learned a lot from both and have been inspired by both. Don’t stop!
Be well and keep it ‘smooth and flowing’.

Thanks guys, really appreciate it! I’ll be meeting with a different Ronin/drone film crew soon to shoot a another MUni video. Trail to be determined but will probably be similarly technical. This time I’ll include arm and wrist guards just to be on the safe® side! :slight_smile:

Awesome again:D I like this one better than MoVI, it has better flow.
Sheez! How many Munis do you have?