Harbinger 230W WristWraps

I have been wanting to write about these for a long time.
These are the fingerless wrist guards. I am now on my second pair. They have been fine and never opened up during a UPD. I have come down on them pretty hard too.

My big gripe is that the velcro seems kind of weak. I ride with 661 knee shin guards and the velcro on those is really sticky. It’s unfortunate, that the velcro on the Harbingers is no where as sticky.

The velcro on my first pair of Harbingers seemed a bit stickier, but I bought replacements because the velcro seemed to be loosing its stickiness. I was a little surprised to find that the velcro on the second pair was very similar to my worn out Harbingers.

My first pair of Harbingers that I bought two years ago had the stitching come loose within days. Uni.com sent me a replacement pair. However, those had one of the braces sown in backwards. I sent those back and then got a third pair. That is the pair I have been wearing for the last year or so. They have finally started to have worn edges and, like a said earlier, have lost some of the stickiness of the velcro.

I give them a rating of 3 out of 5 unis.