Happy with my cheapo 28"

Well, I finally have my cheapo Sun 28 where I want it, as a commuter.

I added a handle I made out of pieces, a Viscount saddle, and what made the biggest difference, 125 cranks.

Wow! I can ride a lot faster with those cranks, with marginally less control.

Now that i have my commuter “done” (I’ll probably keep changing/adding stuff), I’m ready to buy a MUni soon!

another picture

Another view…

one more

one more

Notes on the handle

The b*ke steering clamp had a 1" ID which fit the OD of the Sun seat tube perfectly (22.5cm seat post).

Yes, I will plug the ends with plastic caps.

The bar end off my mountain b*ke has too much bend in it and will be replaced by a straighter one.

Anyone have any better ideas to make the handle more like a loop?

that pedal looks toasted.

Since it is my only uni, I tried everything with it, including hops, drops, riding narrow stuff, hardpack trails, etc. It’s not suited for that kind of riding at all! The frame was even tweaked (I weigh 180lbs)

For now on, it will live a gentler life on flat paved terrain… Those 125cm cranks don’t provide enough control for anything else!

Yeah I’d have to say I love mine too. Its so amazingly light for its size, which is probably because its made of almost nothing. Once I replaced the seat its great for long rides. I rode probably about 50 miles on it at the New Jersey shore in a week and it made it with no problems. I wouldn’t hop on it more than up a curb though. It did survive being run over by a Ford F-250 which is pretty impressive! It had to be trued of course but now its good as new.

Oh yeah, on all sun unicycles make sure the pedals are on there really tight. Both of my Sun Unicycles (20" and 28") have had the pedals come out while riding and I stripped a crank that way. I ended up loctiting 3 of the 4 pedals on.

First thought is to get some pinned platform pedals. They make as much difference to your control as cranks a size longer.

I definently agree, I got a pair of those cheap $11 pinned plastic bmx style pedals off of UDC and they’re perfect for a uni like that. Good use of 11 dollars.


The wheel is in the shop right now being trued, and they’re putting on some decent BMX pedals. Not pinned, but all metal with good grip. $20 bucks. I didn’t want to spend too much on this uni…

And I discovered the frame is not tweaked, it’s the seatpost…