Happy Valentine's Day

What a Coincidence!

Not only did I get Mrs. spyder a fancy coloured uni, I also got her a barbecue!


pink? Hmmm may I guess for who this unicycle is…


not cheating, it’s called taking a run-up

u’re not married, are u?


Hey Chirokid,

I’ve got a hot pink Wyganoski with white pedals, white Primo tire and white seat cover. I think pink is a manly color. You know, sort of like being named “Sue.” It is my locally famous “Barbi Uni.” It is the perfect distraction for our Saturday uni-basketball games.

Sofa, it looks awesome!


Thanks Tommy, what kind of seat do you have a white seat cover for? I’m trying to find one


It is just a standard Miyata seat and I stiched-up my own cover. I also got some Kinsport white bumpers. It looks pretty cool, I think, but with that white tire it is my “gym only” ride. I wish that I could send you a photo but I’m in LA and the uni is in Memphis.


Thanks Tommy, may I ask what material you made the cover out of? Was it the same kind of vinyl as the Miyata?

I’m thinking a pink cover with the white bumpers would look pretty wild :slight_smile:

Send pics when you can!


Tell us the truth, are you going through a trial separation with your uni right now? That’s so sad…

What! Are you kidding? I have three unis with me. My Sem XL freestyle, my 26" Sem, trials, urban assualt vehicle, and my custom Bedford/Summit. I try to ride at least an hour a day. It is a tad frustrating as the beautiful weather is beckoning (all the time) but I’m SO busy. Who’s complaining about ONLY an hour. Heck, it is going to be in the 70s today.

So, back on topic here: I hope that Mrs. Sofa enjoys her beautiful, Valentine’s Day Bedford - especially because it is pink - my favorite!



I just went to the fabric shop and got some white vinyl. I had de-constructed an old Miyata seat cover and made a template and cut to vinyl. Then, I just used my trusty Singer (1921 model!) and stiched it up. It looks pretty cool. As soon as I get back to Mempho I’ll e-ya a photo.


Hey I made some Valentines from Hell on Wheel. You should print them out cut them up and hand them out!!


Here are 4 more


Hell on Wheel owns your heart! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hell on wheel gang you are nothing compared to the proud and true 1 Wheeled Warrirors. Its just these 2 and me.

oops that one was a little big here is a better one.

I made some valentines too. So give them to that special person.

Darn it didnt work.

Yeah now you have two different big ones. :smiley: