Happy Uni riding in '94 to all - ideas on indoor areas?

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. My daughter & I received a family membership
to the U.S.A. for Christmas and we’re enjoying the On One Wheel (OOW)
publication. Also got a nice “Tidbits on Getting Started” booklet from USA.

Now my question - even though the latest OOW describes construction of a
unicycle snow tire, I don’t think we’re quite ready for that. Where do others
ride during the winter months (assuming you live in a wintery spot like
Southern NH)?

One other note, in the USA membership list, I was surprised to see no one from
NH, VT or ME listed. There are some from nearby Mass. towns though. Just
curious if there’s a reason for what seems to be greater popularity in the
mid-West area??

Enjoy and have fun, Bruce