Happy Turkey Day!

Wishing everyone on the forum ONE WHEELIE awesome holiday.

Gilby, Thanks for making it happen!!!:slight_smile:


Happy holiday to you too.

I hope I am not the only one who had an amazing turkey dinner with the extended family today.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!




(Canadian) thanksgiving is tomorrow. Lots of people celebrate it on sunday though.

It is supposed to be thanking for a successful harvest but the snow flew a bit early this year so there is still quite a bit of crop under the snow, Oh well we will give thanks anyway.

You are not the only one. I had an excellent Thanksgiving Dinner today!:smiley:

I can’t wait until thanksgiving :slight_smile: I like food

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m not having a special supper or anything with family, but I’m eating Bacon and eggs this morning:)

Wow. It was 92 degrees here yesterday. :astonished:

I guess up in the real world people have more than one season. That must be a bummer.:smiley:

Go Canada! I hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving, I’m enjoying this holiday Monday o polish some uni skills.

We’re not really celebrating Thanksgiving this year. It’s not that we have anything against Thanksgiving, it’s just that… meh. Screw turkey.

Here’s a song for anyone who has a really loud, obnoxious, horribly offensive relative who always seems to show up around the holidays, drink too much, then latch onto your arm and tell you about his homophobic conspiracy theories. Enjoy.

I like it better than I would like daily incapacitating heat.

I don’t even know anyone who owns an air conditioner.

i had turkey a turkey dinner saturday, sunday, and leftovers today :slight_smile: