Happy Thanksgiving All

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. We are all truly blessed.
Jerry :wink:

Yes I second that!:slight_smile: Happy turkey day!

Get plump and weigh yourself!

JC topic…

Thanksgiving was a while ago :frowning:

Yeah, 364 days ago…:smiley:

not for canadians
there thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, when the harvest actually is.

Happy Turkey day 2007!:smiley: I’m doing a kick-ass MUni run in the morning as a sort of “preemptive” strike against all the calories I plan to consume later!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but you guys are about a month too late. Plus this is the wrong forum :p.

Damn everything I said has already been said. O well.

I’m muniing too in about an hour.

happy giving thanks day!

I hate poultry, so the whole dinner thing isen’t appealing to me

I went biking through the trails with my friend this year :slight_smile: Then we went back to his place and played with his Wii :roll_eyes:

you played with his wii!?!?!



Happy thanksgiving! Its snowing outside! The first day this season! Maybe I’ll go do some freestyle at the gym.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I wish it was snowing, or warm and dry but its just cold and muddy here, i cant do hardly anything.:frowning:

Haha! Myles makes a funny! (MIles I know. :roll_eyes: )