Happy Oneth Birthday!

Just though I’d let you know it was exactly a year today that I learnt to unicycle! Took me 20 mins on a 20" no-name at a friends place…good times - I still remember the awesome feeling of getting those first few revs…and then riding your first fifty meters or so. Unfortunatley due to my worsening knee injury I am almost at the same level of riding today as I was a year ago, but should be back into it in the next week or so.
I would also like to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone on the forums and especially the other NZ riders, everyone is always so helpful and if it wasn’t for you all im not sure I would have kept to it at the level I have.

(starts singing) Happy Birth Day to you…

Happy B’Day Peter van B! I celebrate mine on the 2nd of May (started 2002). It’s nice knowing the exact day isn’t it?


Bah! You people that learn how to ride unicycles in one day :roll_eyes:

Happy Birth Month to me :smiley:


Same for me.But in june.

Happy uni day!

Did you say you learned to ride in 20 minutes? That’s way above the curve. Most of us took several hours at least.

I took over a month. But you might have also if you’d started with a Troxel and no information. Since I never fully mastered riding the Troxel (it fell apart before I could turn it), I count my first modern day of unicycling as Halloween (October 31), 1979. It was on that day I first tried Bradley’s Schwinn Giraffe.

Yeah, from the first time hopping on a unicycle in my life after 20 minutes I could ride about 50m. I think I tend to learn things like this quick…I dunno.

on new years day I found a guy who learnt in 20 seconds! Let me tell you the story:

Myself and my mate pete were riding from my mates house to Leeds station to catch a train back home. We were more hung over than I think I’ve ever been, we’d spent new year’s eve at a place with a free bar that we’d stayed at 'til silly 'o clock in the morning playing bongos and geetar. So you can imagine the state we were in. After a 2 hour ride through torrential rain and wind and snapping a seat base along the way we got to the station and mad a beeline to the cafe and ordered coffee.

Whilst we were sat there a group of several scallies looking quite wasted still from the night before came out of the cafe. They all wandered past us and noticed the unicycles and made the usual dense scally comments and the largest of the lot gave Pete’s 2 week old Muni a kick in a typical display of dense scallyness as he went past. After passing us he then turned back and said “let’s 'av a go on vat”. me and pete were a bit worried he’d run off with it, but before we could say anything he’d picked it up and was trying to get on it. So we gave a warning about pedals and shins and helped him on. He went about 9 or 10 meters supported by his mate, then turned around whilst holding on to a train timetable sign and rode back…Completely unaided…without a wobble!!!

I went and shook his hand and asked if he’d done it before. He said he hadn’t, but that he’d done 14 pills (tablets of ecstacy) the night before…And looking at him I could have believed it. They actually turned out to be an alright bunch despite first impressions.

Anyway, I was rather impressed…Not to mention envious. I wonder if he’ll take up unicycling in the future…