Happy New Year

A happy New Year for everybody.

I’am just back from a pub. In the netherlands it is 5:30 hour in the morning. I have even make a good freemounth on a giraf ( 5 2/3 foot / 170 cm ) with a lot of beers behind me.

Good night.
I’am going to sleep


It’s just past midnight here, I didn’t go anywhere but now I am - to bed that is.

Everyone have a happy and prosperous New Year.:smiley: :sunglasses:

Re: Happy New Year

I moved to Southern Ontario last year. Today is the first New Year’s day I’ve spent where there has been NO snow.


Happy New Year!

Re: Happy New Year

On Thu, 1 Jan 2004 11:42:47 -0600, Sofa
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>Today is the first New Year’s
>day I’ve spent where there has been NO snow.

Today was the first New Year’s Day in a long time when we DID have
snow in the Netherlands. I had a great snowy MUni ride today. The most
fun was when a gang of teen boys noticed me torqueing (sp) up the hill
that they were on top of. Hey Super Mario, they said admiringly. And
they didn’t believe I would even try riding down, but cheered and
applauded when I made it to the bottom in one go.

The Halo Contra tyre under low pressure had an amazing amount of grip.
I haven’t measured it, but I think my tyre track was at least 3" wide.
And the snow (and the low tyre pressure I guess) softened the usual
bumps in the grass, compensating for their invisibility. Yay, SNOW!

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

Today (1 January) is the first day this year. Happy New Year!

Bit late (it’s 3rd) but oh well better late than never,


I think I was the last one on this forum to experience the New Year. No one here from Tonga huh?

Happy New Years All!!!