Happy New Year RSU'ites

still got 2 hours to go here, and i just got back from my neighbor’s fireworks display.
Forget Lake Tahoe,
Forget Legal,
Come see Ben K.'s smuggled fireworks show in the most restricted area of truckee: tahoe donner, land of liability!

Bonné Année, Tout le Monde!!!

30 mins to go

10 here, now.

Happy New Years, Californians!

Well, yes, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year on the main board. I’m sure theres plenty of New Year’s banter on JC already.

I had my first UPD of 2006 today- at 30km/h gear slippage and rubbing myself all over the road :astonished:

22hrs into the New Year already…where has the year gone :roll_eyes:

happy New Year

lol Ken, good job :stuck_out_tongue: I had mine too, fell off the box I was jumping onto…or rather, attempting to jump onto :stuck_out_tongue: before you know it, it will be 07. Scary thought.

I think it’s part of the Netherlands.

(for Zee)

That’s right. Zeeland is one of the twelve provinces that constitute the Netherlands. Zee is the Dutch word for sea, and land is, well, land. The province of Zeeland is about half sea, half land. On a map you can find it in the Netherlands’s SW corner. New Zealand (in Dutch: Nieuw Zeeland) was named by Dutch sailor Abel Tasman who ‘discovered’ the islands in 1642. BTW, Tasmania is named after him.

this year already i have learned ww1 footed, standing ww, crank grabs, higher jumping with 1 hand, 360 unispins and some cool combos