Happy New Year RSU'ites

Just wanted to be the first to wish everyone a Happy New Year! It’s just turned 1:45am here in Noo-Zee-land! I might head off on my first MUni ride of the year shortly.

All the best for 2006!


Yeah, I live in Noo Zee-Land too. Hehe. Never new there was a Zee-land :stuck_out_tongue: Happy New Year Ken :slight_smile: And everyone else who is around anytime :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy New Year to you to Zuleika :slight_smile:


p/s I had Nice end to the 2005:
Was just surfing the local newspaper looking at the articles reviewing 2005-the year that was. Very cool to see the 24hr unicycle record mentioned in the NZ Records of 2005:

since tonight is new years eve, ill probably be practicing all night. could hang out with friends and maybe play poker- but that isnt me.HAPPY NEW YEAR!

figures its new years eve and i wanted to uni all night…but we got an onslaught of snow last night and it continues as i speak…maybe ill get lucky and it will all melt and dry by tonight:). but hapy new year everyone anyways.

O.o snow at this time of the year :stuck_out_tongue: how odd :stuck_out_tongue: guess I’m just used to all this summer weather down this side of the world or something. Heh… Happy New Year for whenever it is that it happens for you guys.

Thanks Ken, hope your day’s been good. Of course, I am just odd, still being up at 4:45am :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Happy New Year RSU’ites

It’s 8:47 in the morning on New Year’s Eve right now. I still have to wait a few hours… I’m staying up aaaaalllllll night, with lots of Rockstar at my disposal. I’ll probably play poker with my friend and watch that poker marathon starting at 9:00 this morning. Hey, I just remembered that - thanks RSU for helping me remember my poker TV marathon!!!

Happy New Year from LiveWire Unicycles, me, and all the Texas riders (great fun ride this morning in the hot sun here in San Antonio).

Only 7 more hours until the new year. I think I might have a corned beef special. I still want to land a unispin before 2006. Doubt it will happen, cuz its raining out. I might have to do it in my living room.

Heh, good luck with that! I hope you get it :slight_smile: or it could be the first thing you land for '06. My first goal is to jump onto the box outside my house :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy New Year from Scotland.


Bonne Année from Geneva Switzerland


Happy new years from North Yorkshire! did anyone watch london’s firework display? was very imprssive


no but happy new year


Nappy Yew Hear!!! :slight_smile:

Happy New Year to everyone, even if nearly all of you do it half an hour differently than we do! :smiley:

Doug (UT-3.5 hrs)

I like how this was sent to the RSUites, just so it wouldn’t get put in JC.


I still got about an hour and 10 minutes left…nothing special over here, me and my family are driving back home tomorrow.

Actually, we’re doing the champaigne in like 3 minutes…yay for NY time…


Happy new year from St. John’s, NL. The year is two hours old, but I was spending quality time with my girlfriend (get your mind out of the gutter!). Now I’m relaxing at home, quite content. It’s a good way to start a year.